Monday, September 14, 2015

Good Week

     Hey everybody I hope y'all are doing good and everyone had a good week. I had a pretty good week even though it was a little bit of an interesting week it was still a good one, it's all in your perspective. Anyway I'll tell ya about my week.
     Monday we did some emailing and then Elder Rickertsen and Elder Grow came and got us and we went to the mall. We just walked around, but it was still a fun time. When we got back we went on a little exchange, I went with Elder Rickertsen to one of their investigators and we put together a bed that they were having a hard time putting together. Exchanged back and Elder Babb and I went to our ward's Labor Day picnic which was sweet. There were quite a few non-members there and we played some football and ultimate frisbee, so it was fun.
     Tuesday we went to lunch with Jon Canigiani and then we went to an investigator's home and did some service there.
     Wednesday we had our ward missionary correlation and found out that our ward mission leader is the one that came up with and started the #LDSconf hashtag that the church uses during conference! It was pretty cool and funny actually. Later I had an eye appointment so we went to the eye doctor and it took longer than it should have, but they told me I have been wearing my contacts to much for too long....if that makes any I can't wear contacts for a couple weeks, straight glasses for me!
     Thursday and Friday Elder Babb was doing a lot of things for his school so I was doing some online proselyting and cleaning the apartment up a little bit.
     Saturday was a pretty cool day. We went to see a family that Elder Babb knows from a previous area named the Gregory's and they are awesome! Such a funny family, we were laughing almost the whole time we were there, it was sweet. After dinner we were at Wal-Mart and one of the workers, his name is Peter, came up to us and said he wanted to meet with us! Woot woot score! We are meeting with him on Monday and we are pretty excited for it.
     Sunday we had Ward Council and then we went to church. During Gospel Principles class we had an awesome lesson on prayer. One of the recent converts, Jan, was there and she was getting really emotional about God answering her prayers and the spirit was there for sure. After church we went to the Canigiani's for dinner and then we went to a New and Returning Member Fireside which is basically a testimony meeting of new converts and returning members. I have been to two of them now on my mission and they are awesome! The spirit is so strong there and there is a light that they have that's amazing to see.
     Well that was my week. I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for the emails I really enjoy hearing from everybody. Have a great week and remember to trust in the Lord because he is always there for us no matter what!     ~ Elder Brady

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