Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4th of July

Elder Rammell eating a 6x6 burger,
that's what he called it haha

Washington Monument & Lincoln Memorial
     Hey everybody, I hope y'all are doing well and had an awesome 4th of July! I don't have a ton of time so this is going to be a short email, but I'll send some pictures. 
     Anyway for our 4th we went to a parade in Fairfax and then we had a BBQ we went to and because it was our p-day we just hung out with the Braddock elders and played board games. It wasn't all that bad and we got to go watch fireworks in the evening so that was sweet! I really like Independence Day and all that it stands for. I think a lot of people are forgetting that and it's pretty important that we don't. Freedom isn't free and it takes a lot of sacrifice to obtain that which we are blessed to have. 
     Well onto this week, I am getting transferred on Thursday and will send my address as soon as I have it. I am going to Great Falls which will be the closest to DC I have served, so it's going to be interesting for sure.
     On Monday we got to go into DC with the leadership of the mission and meet with Senator Hatch and talk with him for about an hour. It was a really cool experience and something he said that stood out to me was "Never give up on anybody." Always be there for people and never quit on them because you never know what they need or the good you're doing. 
     We changed our p-day to Tuesday and we went into DC so that why I don't have a ton of time, plus packing for getting transferred and getting ready for transfers as an office elder. It's a lot going on and kind of difficult to keep up with but its fun, gets the heart pumping. 
     I hope you all remember how great our country is and that we can help. We can also help the people around us even if we don't see it. Again sorry for the short email but I'll send some more pictures to make up for it. Have a great week!!     ~ Elder Brady

At the parade! Elder Bunn, Elder Mecham, Me, Elder Hudson, Elder Rammell, Elder Hansen
Senator Hatch, Pres. Huntsman
Leadership Conference with Senator Orin Hatch
Elder Brady sitting in Senator Hatch's chair

Winter Olympics 2002 Memorabilia in Senator Hatch's Office

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