Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Tradition . . . 9 Boxes of Mac & Cheese

Well Preparation Day got switched to Tuesday again this week because we had a driver's training thing that Elder Seely and I didn't really have to be at, because we don't have a car. So we had to sit and watch other people have fun while we didn't. Lammeeeee.

Anyway, this past week we have been trying to work with members more. This is really hard, especially in our ward because we are a military ward. Which means we have people always moving in or moving out constantly. Very hard to use the members. Still trying though.

There was a baptism in our ward this last Saturday. Brian Emmons (one of the sisters' investigators) done got dunked! Elder Seely and I got to teach the Restoration while Brian and Elder McInerny were changing. It was great. While we were teaching Esther and Gad Appiah were running around our legs and holding on to them. It was interesting but it still went great. Those two kids aren't afraid of us anymore, in fact Gad always wants to go with us when we leave now. They are funny kids. We watched a session of general conference at their house and they were crawling all over us, so we are going to have to go re-watch the session. Love those kids.

So we had another stupid idea. We decided to start a new tradition.... 9 boxes of macaroni & cheese before every conference! It was not one of our better ideas haha. We made it though... still working on eating it!

Made it through my first transfer! Transfers are this Thursday and we find out if Elder Seely is staying tonight. I hope so. He is awesome and we work great together not to mention the fun we have. We both want him to stay and so does Elder McInerny. Elder Ekins goes home this Thursday so his vote doesn't count. Well we will see.

That's it for this week. Gotta go. We're going to play basketball under a bridge!!! It's going to be sweetttttt!

Love, Elder Brady

9 boxes of macaroni & cheese
1st Baptism to participate in from our ward, Brian Emmons.
Elder S. & I were witnesses and we also taught about the Restoration.
Playin' a little basketball under the bridge. Fun!

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