Monday, October 13, 2014

1st Transfer, but I didn't get changed. WooHoo!

Elder Brady with his little friend
So this week on Thursday was my first transfer meeting. Elder Seely and I are still companions which is awesome. Elder McInerny got a new companion though because Elder Ekins went home, the new elder's name is Elder Jones and he is from Oakley Idaho. Go Idaho! 

This transfer
meeting was a little different, instead of just the missionaries that are being transferred going to it, the whole mission was there. The reason for this was we got to watch "Meet The Mormons". Yeah buddy! Got to watch it a day before it came out WooHoo! It was so good too!! If you haven't seen it yet I strongly encourage you to go watch it. 

Friday night was a fun night. We were being stupid....again... and were trying to balance on one another. It was dumb, but fun haha. Then somehow I ended up on Elder McInerny's shoulders and he started spinning....and we ended up piled on top of Elder Seely on his bed! Some crazy goings on's be happening. 

So Saturday night the coolest thing happened! We went to a concert and it was the Nashville Tribute Band!! It was amazing!! I seriously like and love their music so much more now. About half way through the concert they surprised the missionaries by having us come up and sing a song
with them (I Was Born). It was so much fun and the spirit was so strong! Afterwards I got them to sign my tie haha and we just chilled and talked with them for awhile. It was so awesome! They are great guys.

During the day on Saturday another cool thing happened. Elder McInerny's mom got baptized. He got to skype them and actually gave a talk in the service. Good ole technology. He was super excited and that kind of rubbed onto all of us I think. These guys are awesome.

Miss and Love you all,

Elder Brady
District Sisters & Elders
Elder Ekins, Elder McInerny, Elder Seely & Elder Brady
wearing our handmade ties from Africa
Nashville Tribute Band Concert
Esther A. pretending to be a missionary

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