Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Zone Nerf Wars
Getting dirty
     Hey everybody how y'all doing? Thanks to all those that emailed me I really enjoy reading them and hearing from you. I hope everyone had a good week and did something awesome! This week was pretty good over here on the east coast.
     Monday we did our normal shopping/emailing routine and then we went to our Zone Activity. We had a big Nerf war for the Zone Activity and it was pretty fun, we played it a bunch of different ways and just had some fun. 
Elder Blanchard found a blister
     Tuesday we had our District Meeting which was pretty good, it was about opening our mouths and talking to everybody. A quote that was used was, "Nothing happens in missionary work until we find people to teach." There are promised blessings we have in Preach My Gospel about opening our mouths with boldness and that's what we are trying to achieve as a district. 
     Wednesday we had a big Zone Service Project for most of the day. We were clearing brush and running it through the chipper and then we dug some holes. The holes were so big I felt like I was in the movie holes! It was pretty sweet though and a lot of fun. In the evening we went to see Harry and Delaine, two investigators, and they told us while they were out of town last weekend they went to church! The struggle we have had with them is getting them to church, so the fact that they went when they were out of town was super cool! 
     Thursday was a bit slower, but we were able to go to Frank's and talk about his trip to New York to get things from his mother for family history. He came back with quite a bit of stuff, so the trip was well worth it. 
     Friday was a tough day for us. We weren't able to get in contact with anyone we tried to see. Literally everyone we tried wasn't home, or just didn't answer the door so that was a bummer, but we keep keeping on.
     Saturday we had a Zone wide finding fest where pretty much all we did all day was try and find new investigators. This was yet another day where we tried to find some new investigators through our potentials list, but nobody answered the door. Oh well. Later in the evening we helped Brother Castillo move a couch that they are getting rid of because they are moving soon. Oh we had dinner with the Caison family and they have one of the biggest dogs I've ever seen! When it stood on its hind legs it was almost as big as me! It's pretty crazy.
     On Sunday I gave a talk about the "Divine Role of a Missionary." I felt like I did pretty well and I had people come up to me afterwards and say I did a good job, so that counts for something right? I spoke with a missionary who just returned from his mission this last week so that was pretty interesting. Elder Overstreet and I gave the lesson in Priest's Quorum about service. We showed the "Lift" Mormon Message and it is a really good video and really touching. If you haven't seen it I encourage you to go watch it because it will change the way you look at things. Especially the little things. We also went to a mission prep fireside the bishop was putting on and that was really good and there was a good showing of youth there preparing to go on missions so that was cool to see.
     So this past week was pretty good at points and not so good at others, but that's how life goes. Sometimes you are high and other times you are low and we are defined by how we react to both situations. I hope everyone knows how much God loves you and that he is there to help you through all the times, the good and the bad. Always turn to him. Well hope y'all have a great week and have some great experiences! It's getting chilly here and I had to break out the sweaters this week. I don't know what it's like back home, but if they're falling go do service and rake some leaves!
     ~ Elder Brady

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