Monday, October 26, 2015


     Hey everyone how y'all doing! So this week's email will be a bit shorter because we are going into D.C. and don't have much time, actually I'm sending this on the bus to the metro so yeah. Anyway I hope everyone had a great week! 
     So this week we didn't do much on P-Day we just hung out and relaxed. I got to go on an exchange Tuesday with Elder Yeager and it was awesome! He is a funny kid and we got along great so it was a lot of fun. We even played a little finger football. In correlation this week with Brother Johnson we focused on the Trunk-Or-Treat and getting as many people there as we could. We have multiple people we have tried multiple times so we are working at it. We got to help set up for the Trunk-Or-Treat and then we also got to go help at Gifts of the Heart. Gifts of the Heart is where people bring stuff they can donate and volunteers sort it out. Then the next day people who are in need can come and get things that they are in need of, it's a really cool thing that they do every 6 months here. 
     Saturday was the Trunk-Or-Treat and it went awesome! There was so many people there and a lot of people we didn't even know so it was great. We also had games for the kids and a chili cook-off and yes Elder Overstreet and I were two of the judges. It went really well and Harry and Delaine came! Anddddd they brought their daughter and her two kids! It was great and we were super excited that they were there! 
     For the most part this past week was pretty good and things are beginning to roll, fingers crossed. Sometimes it's hard to remember that God's time is not our time and he has his own timetable but it's something I've been trying to work on lately. Complete trust in God and a lot of hard work can take you a long way. Well I hope y'all have a great week and sorry again for the short email!
     ~ Elder Brady

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