Monday, November 9, 2015

Short Week

     Hey everybody hope y'all are doing good! I'm doing pretty good and things are going pretty good so it's pretty good! Well this is going to be another short email because it's only been four days since I last emailed so yeah, short week.
     So we had our last Preparation day on Thursday because of the half mission conference on Monday. Anyway on Thursday we did our shopping and emailing and then went to the church and played some volleyball, which got pretty intense. Before volleyball Elder Kerr and I found some wheelchairs and played a little wheel chair basketball, it was really fun and it was a workout, got the shoulders burning. Met with an Egyptian family that is investigating the church, hopefully they will be coming to church this week!
     On Friday we had leadership meeting in the morning. Leadership meeting is where the District Leaders in the zone and the Sister Training Leaders all meet together with the Zone Leaders and talk about things we can do to help the missionaries in our districts. After the meeting we went with the Zone Leaders to the house of an investigator of the sisters and dedicated the house and gave the woman's little boy a blessing. He was moving around and squirming in the beginning, but towards the end he relaxed and didn't move around so much, it was awesome.
     Saturday we spent most of the day trying to figure out ways to get some of our investigators to church. It's really difficult when people don't have cars, I'll tell you what. It was a rough day.
     Sunday was good except none of our investigators made it to church, that was a bummer, but sometimes things happen. Church was pretty good and we had a sweet dinner with a cool young family, the Thomas's, so it wasn't a bad day at all.
     I think that's going to be it for this week, I miss y'all and hope everything is going well for ya. I love hearing from everyone too, it's the best! Stay Happy and Stay Strong! Love the Gospel.     ~ Elder Brady

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