Thursday, November 5, 2015


Shower in the $8 million home.
     Hey hey everyone hope y'all are doing good! This past week and a half has been pretty good. There was quite a few things that happened so I'll just touch base on some of them. It will be a shorter email though, sorry!
     Last week we found out I was getting transferred which was kind of a bummer because I was only in my last area for one transfer (six weeks) and transfers were the 29th, right before Halloween. It was okay though because I was pretty excited for who my next companion was going to be, Elder Kerr! If you remember a couple weeks ago Elder Kerr and I got to go on an exchange for a "special assignment," we got to go to the Marriott Ranch and teach people how to rope. So getting called to be companions with him was kind of awesome, members and other missionaries call us the two cowboys haha it's pretty sweet! I also got called to be District Leader which is kind of cool as well.
Culverts under the highway,
yes there is water in them.
     Anyway transfers happened and then it was basically Halloween, for Halloween our whole zone got together at a member's home in our Zone Leader's Ward and ate dinner, played games, and watched a movie. We watched the movie called Cokeville, which is pretty good. It's about a true story of what they call the Miracle at Cokeville, it was like a hostage situation, it's really good and it would be a good movie to watch, just saying. Also before dinner we walked around in a house that is being built, it's taken four years (it isn't finished yet) and it costs $8 million! It was a huge, beautiful house.
     Well the rest I could write about would just be random stuff like we wanted to find a shorter walk back to our apartment from an appointment so we walked through some culverts under a major highway and that kind of thing. It's just been a pretty good week and I hope everyone else is having a good week as well.

     Elder Brady

Oh my new address is: 3212 Arrowhead Circle, Apt. C, Fairfax, VA 22030
Elder Oyler and I
Played football on the mall in DC

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