Monday, January 18, 2016


Oakton Zone
     Hey hey everybody, I hope y'all are are doing good and enjoying January! It finally snowed here this week, twice! The first time it probably didn't even count as actually snowing but it was something, the second time was a better snow but still it didn't stick. Virginia is trying though, I'll take what I can get out here.
     So this week was a little different we did some service here and there at the beginning of the week, which was great, service is the best! Most of it was helping people put away their Christmas decorations...I guess even as a missionary I can't get away from that.
     Anyway Thursday was a change in our schedule, President wanted to meet with Elder Coles and I so we got the Oakton sisters to take us to the Mission Office. While Elder Coles was in with President the Assistants to the President came in, (Elder Blanchard and Elder Jones) Elder Jones asked me to go get some stuff with him from an apartment that wasn't too far away so I did and he let me drive the truck!! Yeah Buddy! It was a lot of fun going with Elder Jones and driving the truck so that was sweet. Well we got back and then Elder Coles and I had dinner with the Kambourian's who are a part member family, she is the member and he is not. They are super cool and he was actually a spy so that was pretty cool to talk about.
     Well the rest of the week kind of went back to normal which is ok I suppose just not as fun. We have a lot of potential investigators that we are working to go through so there is always work to do which is good, keeps us busy. Transfers are this week so that's always fun, you never know what is going to happen anymore because there isn't a pattern yet with President Huntsman but hey that keeps you on your toes. Sorry for the short email but we are going to a museum so I don't have a ton of time, hope you all are doing great and have a great week!     ~ Elder Brady

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  1. My daughter just got to the DC south mission this week!!