Monday, January 4, 2016


Our Zone on New Year's Eve!
     Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good one and is getting a good start into 2016. This week has been an interesting one with people being gone for the holidays and things like that but it was good still. It was a roller coaster of a week but things should start steadying out here in a week or so when everyone gets back and we get into the swing of things.
     Well Monday was a pretty fun day, we had our Zone Activity which was a big ole nerf war and a white elephant gift exchange, I got a tie! Yeah buddy. It was a lot of fun actually.
     Tuesday and Wednesday were slower days because everyone is out of town for the holidays. Hopefully they all get back soon.
     Thursday was New Year's Eve and also interviews with President. We had interviews in the afternoon, they were pretty good I really like interviews with President. We also learned about planning and got to practice teach a little. In the evening we had our Zone New Year's party we all went to the church and played lightning, mafia, and signs. We could have watched some movies, but no one wanted to watch the ones they gave us to watch so we just played games the whole time and ate pizza. It was a lot of fun though and we rang in the new year, granted we had to do it 2 hours early to get home on time but still..
     Skipping to Saturday, we had a big Zone Finding Fest all day. My district blitzed each other's areas together so there was 8 missionaries in a neighborhood talking to people and knocking doors. Our district alone found I think 7 new investigators this week so it was pretty good. We had a competition with the rest of the zone and my district won! Whoop whoop!
     Sunday was nice, church is at 11 o'clock now so we have time to do studies in the morning before we go to church. After church we met with the bishop and talked with him about how we could better help him and how he and the ward can help us with the people we are teaching, it was really good.
     Well this is a shorter email, but it was a pretty decent week. We had a fun New Year's and now it's 2016, kind of hard to believe. Make it a good year everybody! Work hard to improve yourself and have fun! Miss you all.
     ~ Elder Brady
Doormat we saw while tracting.

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