Monday, February 15, 2016

Zone Conferences/Stake Conference

     Hey everyone I hope y'all are doing well, I'm doing good but we are just sitting in the apartment because it snowed again and we can't drive. Woo hoo. We are playing Monopoly actually, minus Elder Bunn and I because we lost. We are stuck inside playing board games and stuff all P-day and we are running out of games but anyway I'll tell ya how this last week was.
     Monday was awesome! We went shopping at Costco and then went to Wakefield Park and played some football! There were enough missionaries there that we had some pretty good games. It was a ton of fun. After everyone got tired and stopped playing Elder Jones and I started running routes and throwing passes to each other, got to get back into it. When we got too tired we just sat on the field and talked about Utah State and maybe about us working out and training when we both get back. It would be super sweet. After dinner we went on an exchange, Elder Merrill came to my area and we went and tried to see some members. One of the members didn't live at that address, but the people that did let us in and we had a discussion with them so that was cool.
     On Tuesday it was the Mt. Vernon Zone's zone conference. It was pretty good but we have done a bunch of them the last two weeks and they're always he same so we know what's coming. Elder Finlayson and I always get to set up the tables and help the Relief Society with the food though so it's all good. When the conference was over we went to the office and did some work there and then went to the storage shed to drop some stuff off. We spent the rest of the night meeting with member families.
     Wednesday was Oakton's Zone Conference. When the conference was over we went to Alexandria to clean out a senior couple's apartment who have gone home. We met another senior couple there so they could tell us the things they wanted and then we loaded the van with everything they wanted and took the stuff to their place.
     Thursday we had an office staff meeting with all the senior couples, President, and the Assistants. When that was done we went to lunch with President and the Assistants, it was super cool to get to talk to President about things other than mission and office work. After lunch we hand washed the van in 20 degree weather! Elder Finlayson would soap it down, I'd come right behind him with a rinse towel and then he'd come right behind me with a towel to dry so the water wouldn't freeze on the van. It froze a couple times though. When we finished the outside we vacuumed the inside and detailed the inside as well. We have Zone Conference the next day and the cleanest car wins. The van has never won because it's so big and because of all the things we do with it but we wanted to win bad.
     Friday we had Springfield's (our) Zone Conference and we won the clean car award! After President announced we won we played "We Are The Champions" through the speakers that we have for a presentation and everyone thought it was hilarious. After the conference we went to the office and did some work there and then went to dinner with the Knight family. They are super funny and way nice, it was a lot of fun. We were then supposed to have a lesson with an investigator named Raymond but he had to reschedule to next week. A member had called us earlier in the day asking for a Spanish Book of Mormon to give to someone at work so we took it to him and talked about the missionary work he was doing. It was cool to see how excited he was to do missionary work even when he's been off his mission for a while.
     On Saturday we went to the storage sheds to do an inventory and clean them out but we only got one done. We had the Braddock elders (Elder Frew and Elder Bunn) the Ft. Belvoir elders (Elder Severe and Elder Anderson) the AP's and us there so it went decently fast but it still took awhile. We took everything out, took an inventory of what we had, put the useful stuff back in and trashed the junk. We took the junk to a landfill and we busted everything uptight we had brought, it was way fun and we were helping them out so it was good. When we were done destroying things Elder Finlayson and I went to do some stuff at the office, then we had dinner and went to our Stake Conference. Stake Conference was way good, they talked about problem solving and some other things but it was just really good.
     Sunday Morning was Stake Conference and this time the whole two hours was people bearing their testimonies, it was wayyy good! Elder Finlayson fell asleep though and started snoring so I had to jab him to wake him up, it was super funny. We are both tired, tired. After lunch we did our weekly planning and then went to the advice to send some reports. After dinner we went around and met with some member families and talked about member missionary work and how they can do that. It was really good and everyone is more or less wanting to do missionary work, sometimes they just don't know how.
     This week has been pretty good, we have been meeting with a lot of members and talking about member missionary work. We are showing them the video "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go" (on the Gospel Library app) and then inviting them to create a family mission plan and pray for missionary opportunities everyday. It is way cool and seems to be working because we have got a couple referrals lately. Missionary work doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to be something huge, it is the small and simple things that make a difference. Christ lived his life for others, not one second did he live for himself, the best way for members to be missionaries is to serve those around us and always be looking for those opportunities that are put in our path to share the gospel. We will be blessed with them.
     I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Thank you for all the support you give me, it means a lot. Hearing from everyone is the best too it really is special to us as missionaries. Have a great week his week!
     ~ Elder Brady

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