Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birthday Week!

So this week started off great! It was my birthday on Monday woo!!
Birthday week! Birthday week! We ended up biking to the Stake Center
and playing basketball all day which was fun. When we got home Elder
Oyler and I had dinner with the Maygren family. It was awesome because
it was their daughter, Lilly's birthday as well and she was turning
10. We had a little party and it was way fun, they are such an awesome
On Tuesday we went to the Kough's house for dinner and had another
birthday party there. Elder Oyler and I both got our own cakes and we
are now fat. No but really it was so much cakeeeeee it was awesome!
After the party we helped them set up their Christmas tree and
decorate it. This whole time Alma was being so cute. She was a ball
full of energy flying around putting ornaments up and singing made-up
Christmas songs. They were pretty good ones too she like needs to make
a CD or something.
Wednesday was another good day. It was Elder Oyler's birthday! He
turned the big 20. For dinner we went to Zohra's house, Zohra was one
of Elder Oyler's investigators when he first got into the mission
field and he got to baptize her. Anyway, we had Afghan food there
because she is from Afghanistan and she is super sweet! The food was
different...but it was good, it was good. She made a pretty good
cheesecake from scratch too.
Friday was the next big day in the weekly line up. We had the Mission
Christmas Concert which was pretty much a giant talent show. There was
a whole bunch of acts that went on and it was really good. After the
talent show part there was a more spiritual part where we had a
speaker come in and talk to us. Something that really stood out to me
was that we can never quit on anyone. We can't ever give up on
someone. Someone needs us and if we don't give our all we will let
them down as well as ourselves.
Saturday morning rolled around and we had service to do, we got to go
to Arlington Cemetery and put wreaths on the graves. It was probably
one of the coolest things I have done so far on my mission. There were
thousands of people there and even with all the commotion of that many
people, there was a peace. I walked out of there with so much respect
for the people who fight for our great country. It was a surprisingly
spiritual experience, such a simple act of service by honoring those
that have gone on with a wreath. It is something I really want to do
again. I can't wait to go back to Arlington, it was just amazing.
Last night we had dinner with the Lyman family. They are a young
family with a little two year old boy named Ethan, and a girl on the
way. We had a great dinner and afterwards we showed them the "He is
the Gift" video. (If you hadn't seen it I highly recommend you watch
it!) During the video I looked at Sister Lyman and saw tears running
down her cheeks. It really made me stop and think about Christ and the
meaning of Christmas. Christ did so much for us we should be able to
give a little back, especially during this holiday season.
Speaking of holidays I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Hope it's a great one!
Remember Christ.

Elder Brady
Happy 19th Birthday, Elder Brady.
Birthday Week for Elder Brady on December 8th,
 and then for Elder Oyler on December 10th.
Sister Kough made me a wonderful ice cream sandwich cake for my birthday,
and then we helped them set up their Christmas tree.
The Finished Product at the Kough Family. 
Mission Christmas 2014 Concert - Dinner & Talent Show
Placing Christmas wreaths on the headstones at Arlington Cemetery.
What a beautiful site.

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