Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week

     Another good week, but it was also snowless. That was bummer. First 
Christmas without snow. ... I hope you all had better luck haha.     Monday we had a white elephant gift exchange as a zone activity. You pretty much had a bunch of missionaries scrambling around their apartment, looking in the narnia closets trying to find something to take. At least that's what happened in our apartment ha. It was actually a pretty good white elephant given the fact it was all missionaries...and we are all broke.... Whoo! It's all good because we played some basketball too so it wasn't a complete bust of a Monday.     On Tuesday we had yet again another great district meeting. Elder Rothermel (older couple missionary) said something that I thought was pretty significant. He said, "The Lord, when he was in Gethsemane, didn't say nope this isn't for me. He had self-discipline." Thinking about that for awhile I realized he was right. Christ went through so much for me, for all of us, I want to give back the little I can. After district meeting I went on an exchange with Elder Erickson. He is a Spanish elder so that was interesting....I pretty much just   sat there while he went crazy in Spanish woo hoo!
Elder Brady having some fun with Alma

     Wednesday Elder Oyler and I had dinner at the Kough's and it was great! We also went caroling as a district that night and that was awesome. Almost every door we went to and sang at the people were so excited and they all said they've never had Carolers before, that they had only ever seen it on T.V. That blew my face right off! I immediately felt bad for not really wanting to go at the beginning, but it turned out to be a great experience. It was a good Christmas Eve.
     Thursday....CHRISTMAS!!!! It was great we woke up and opened presents haha that was fun! Then we played some games and ate breakfast and just relaxed. The best part was getting to skype home though. I loved seeing them and talking with them was so great.
The rest of the week we have spent trying to get back into the groove of missionary work and oh boy is that tough. Partly because we want it to be Christmas again and partly because everyone is still gone on Christmas vacation. Oh well the work goes on. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and hope everyone has a great New Years!      Love,     Elder Brady
Messing around with our Mike Wozowski
Candy cake Mataia made and sent

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