Monday, December 1, 2014


First of all happy Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone had a great one!

So last Monday we had all these plans to go play some basketball and
we just couldn't get them to work out. So we decided to just go home.
On the way home we stopped at Five Guys and had lunch and the potatoes
they were using that day were from Garth Sutton Farms in Rexburg,
Idaho! Yeah Buddy! Anyways, as we were going home Elder Oyler and I
decided to go ride around the pond across the street from our
apartment. We made it about half way around when we stopped to talk to
a lady who looked upset, her name was Arleen. She said she was having
breathing problems and didn't think she could make it back to her car
and she asked us to help her. As we were helping her we talked about
life and God and she kept asking us if we thought we were there at
that time for a reason. We said of course! She doesn't live in our
area so we gave a referral to the missionaries in her area to go teach
her. After she left we went fishing. It was awesome haha Elder Oyler
and I always have fun and are always laughing, it's so great. It
turned out to be a good day!
Tuesday was not so great a day. Last week Elder Oyler crashed, this
week it was my turn. Through a series of events of stupidity, I had
the best crash yet. I ended up flipping over the handlebars and it was
just awesome..... Woo for crashing!!
Wednesday it snowed!! Well sort of, it was more of a slush. So it
slushed. Close enough to call it snow though. It didn't really matter
because none of it stayed but it was sweet to see some snow fall for a
little bit.
Turkey Day! We played in a turkey bowl this morning and the field was
like a sponge of water. Everyone was slipping and sliding and falling
and penguin sliding all over the place. It was awesome!! So much fun!
After that, from about lunch on, we went from one meal to the next. We
had three houses we went to and that meant three meals to eat. I paced
myself but the other three guys were full after the first house, by
the end of the night they were dying. It was a lot of food. A lot of
Friday was Elder Jones's six month mark! Elder Oyler and I bought him
a tie to burn. It was way fun and he was pretty excited. He's awesome.
We have been working hard lately and not seen very much come of it,
but that is a part of missionary work. We are in the grunt work and
it's kind of a bummer. Something should come up soon though so we will
keep trucking woo! Never Quit.

Elder Brady

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