Monday, January 12, 2015


     It was transfer week this week and I did get transferred, my new area is the Wakefield A area. My new address is:
9930 Fairfax Square
Apartment #13
Fairfax, VA 22031
     So to start the week last Monday we had a pretty good, relaxing preparation day. We went shopping then emailed and then just hung out at our apartment. At one point we went and played some catch with a football and that was awesome. Boy do I miss that game. I think I'm getting Elder Oyler on the 
football train because now he wants to play catch all the time! Oh yeahhhh mission accomplished! 
     Tuesday something exciting happened.... It SNOWED!!!! Not going to lie I was pretty excited about that ha. Finally got some good ole white covering the ground. (Even if it was only an inch) Tuesday night we also got transfer calls and obviously I ended up leaving The Fort. I was kind of sad about it because I've got some good friends in that ward, plus Elder Oyler. Love that guy. But 
it's time for me to be in a new place and to meet new people.
     Wednesday was my last day in Fort Belvoir so it was a pack/say bye day. I started packing in the morning and that took longer than I expected, I guess I had more junk than I thought....oops. That night we went to the Doyle's and saw them for awhile and said good-bye. We didn't get to stay very long because Jason and Nathaniel had to go to scouts. Then we went to the Kough's and of course Sister Kough had food for us. She always has food ready it's ridiculous, and she always makes us eat a lot of it haha. Anyways so we were there for awhile and I was on the couch and Alma came over and told me to scoot over because she wanted to sit by me. So obviously I scooted on over and she crawled up and sat next to me for the rest of the night. As we were leaving she came up to me and gave me a picture of her, she is so cute.
     Thursday was Transfer day and I was nervous because I wanted to get a good companion. President Riggs must have known I was nervous or something because I was one of the last ones to get called. My new companion is Elder Schenk...score! He is pretty cool and he is from California. It should be another good transfer. He has this remote control car he always plays with and it's pretty entertaining not going to lie.
     Friday night was a tough night. It was pretty cold and the sidewalks here still have iced over snow so it makes biking difficult to say the least. The area is pretty big too it is usually a car area but hasn't been the last transfer or two, another missionary broke his collarbone so he needed the car. Oh well biking in the cold is good for you, builds character I've heard ha. 
     On Saturday we tried to see some potential investigators but no luck. We did find a little stream that was iced over and we had the genius idea of ice skating! Well we tried but I guess you kind of need ice skates or something for that to really work, who knew? We had dinner at a members home, the Atkinson's and it was almost a missionary dinner, we has sub sandwiches! It was pretty funny I thought haha. 
     My first Sunday in the new ward was pretty good, well we got some hot cocoa mix so we got that going for us. After church we went to a dinner/lesson at the William's house. They had invited one of our investigators (Randy) to dinner so we got invited as well. The lesson ended up being like two hours long, Randy can talk. He does know a lot of history about the church and the Book of Mormon and Bible so it's pretty cool to talk with him about those things. He is a very facts/history oriented guy and likes to see things line up on a time line, so teaching him is going to be challenging. We are going to brush up on our history! 
     Altogether it was a pretty good week. Hope everyone had a good week as well and I love you all! New area and new companion = new mission, or so President Riggs says. Let it begin!
     Oh and Happy Birthday to my two little cousins, Olivia Potter and Ella Davis!!
     Love, Elder Brady

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