Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

     Happy New Year everybody! I hope it was a good one and you enjoyed it. I had another great week in The Fort. Monday we went into DC for our preparation day and got a tour of the Air and Space Museum, Brother Paone works there and he gave us a free tour. Just to show you how much he knows and how big the museum is this was my second tour of the Air and Space from Brother Paone and I still saw and learned things I hadn't the first time. It was great! I think my favorite part is the military exhibits though, they really intrigue me. All the stories and information about our military is just amazing and gives me even more respect for them.
     Tuesday was a good day for us. We found two potential investigators. Our first one was at McDonalds, oh yeah! Elder Oyler wanted some food so that's where we went and then he got into a gospel discussion with the girl that was taking his order. We exchanged contact info and as easy as that we had a potential! It was sweet! Then as we were leaving Elder Oyler looked back at me for some reason and smack! He ran straight into the door haha I died! Laughed all the way across the parking lot and that just started the night off great. Then we went to a referral and this guy is so ready for the Gospel. He has been going to a different Ward four weeks already! He said he wants to become a full member by July, I looked at him and said we can help you with that! Haha it was a good night.
Elder Oyler & Elder Brady on New
Year's Eve directing traffic at the
Washington DC Temple Celebration
     On New Years Eve we got to direct traffic at the temple. We rode up there with the other elders in our apartment and another pair of elders from the Mt. Vernon Ward. It wasn't that cold so it was actually pretty fun. A little bit into the night we started playing with the walky-talkies and doing code talk to the other elders just to pass the time along, it was some pretty funny stuff. Don't trust a handful of 19 and 20 year old guys with walkie-talkies I guess haha.     Thursday night we met with Reyna. (Potential we met at McDonalds) She wasn't home yet but there was three guys outside her house that we started talking to. They were high as could be. When Reyna got there Elder Oyler started talking to her and I continued talking with the guys to kind of keep them out of the conversation, we were just trying to make it a little easier on Reyna so she didn't have distractions. Not going to lie I had a pretty... interesting conversation with one of the guys, he jumped all over the place. We talked about hunting and somehow ended up talking about aliens and other things. Oh and we had a push-up contest haha. At 9:00 and in someone's driveway.... It was an interesting night haha.
     Saturday it rained. A lot. We tried to wait it out and it did stop, it stopped just long enough for us to get to one of our appointments. When we came out of that one it was pouring again. We only had to go a short ways to our next one, but by the time we got there we were soaked. It just so happened that the house we were at was the Kough's so we got food like always and got to warm up and dry off. When it was time to go home it was still pouring so Matt gave us a ride home and we just left our bikes there. We went back and got them the next day. Good thing the Kough family is so awesome haha. Well that was pretty much my week. Have a great week everyone!
     ~ Elder Brady
Elder Strawn & Elder Brady
Doing some service by preparing a garden for our ward mission leader 
Elder Oyler's new friend
Funny sign at a church

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