Monday, February 9, 2015

Shake Things Up

     Preparation Day on Monday was different than usual. We still went
shopping, still emailed, and then still went to the stake center to
play basketball, but this time President Riggs showed up and played
with us. I guess he is really into basketball and has actually played
1-on-1 games against missionaries, he has only lost one of those
     On Tuesday, I went to Annandale on an exchange with one of my Zone
Leaders, Elder Walters. We helped one of their investigators, Fadel,
move and that took the whole night. Fadel had to be out by the next
day at noon so he was stressing out and getting mad at everything. He
started cussing up a storm and wow, buddy it's been a little bit since
I've heard those words! It was actually pretty funny because Elder
Walters and I just looked at each other and were trying not to laugh.
     Wednesday morning Elder Walters and I were back helping Fadel move
again. We had to take everything up in elevators and in the building
we were moving the stuff to, only one of the four elevators worked. So
that was a big old traffic jam with mattresses, lamps, desks, a T.V. and a whole lot of other things plus all the other people in the
building. One of the desks we were carrying fell apart and fell on our
feet, then as we were carrying it a different way to try and make it
to the room before it completely broke, the inside shelves fell and
smashed my thumb. Eventually we got everything moved and I switched
back to Wakefield and Elder Schenk. That night we tried to meet with
some of our potential investigators, but went down swinging with every
single one.
     Thursday we were studying and something had been stinking up our
fridge since I got here, so we decided to clean that out. We cleaned
out the fridge which led to cleaning the kitchen, which led to
cleaning the apartment, which led to rearranging the apartment! Got to
shake things up a little bit here and there.
     On Friday we were seeing potential investigators all day because we
have over 250 of them that we need to get in contact with. Yet again
we struck out.
     Saturday night Schenk and I decided we were bored, so we snuck into the
other elders' apartment and waited for them to get home. Then we
scared the living daylights out of them. That was definitely a good
finish to a day!
     Sunday was an interesting day. They started tearing out our sink and
dishwasher and pretty much half of our kitchen! So we are staying with
the Zone Leaders until they are done. When we got to the Zone Leaders'
place Elder Robbins and I started trying to find a way to hang up this
little basketball hoop he has, and after we got that hung up we taped a
little court on the carpet. Now there is a basketball court in their
living room. That night we played a couple of 2-on-2 games and had a
dunk contest. It was pretty dang fun. Oh and we got a car so no longer
on bike at the moment. 
     ~ Elder Brady
Basketball court that we made at the Zone Leaders apartment.

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