Tuesday, February 17, 2015


     It's been a good week this week. We've got multiple days of snow which I am stoked about, the only thing is Elder Schenk is the designated driver and being from California he has never driven in snow, but we haven't crashed yet, he's doing good!
     So Monday was the regular Monday, we went shopping then emailed and then played some basketball. We stayed at the Zone Leaders' place again because our floor is still messed up. It was pretty sweet though we got to party ha, not really, but it's just different so it was nice.
     Tuesday we almost died. We were crossing a street and this car didn't see us I guess and so it started going and almost rocked us! It was crazy! Being us though, we just took off running and laughing, arguing who would have died first. We couldn't make up our mind on that though.
     Wednesday night we were staying at the Zone Leaders' place again. Elder Robbins left the back door unlocked so we snuck in and decided we were going to scare Elder Walters. We went through the kitchen, around to his desk and ran up behind him yelling! Made him jump so we did what we wanted to do!!
     Skipping to Saturday. In the morning we played some football with some of the youth and that was fun, nice to throw the ball around some. After that we helped a member move in, and they actually moved into our apartment complex so we didn't have to go to far. Had Stake Conference tonight too and it was really good. Talked about families and family councils and how they resemble/parallel heaven, it was really, really good!
     Sunday we had some more Stake Conference and it was about the Atonement a lot, which is always good. We had dinner at the Stephenson's and I was told I had a Boston accent. That's the second time on my mission someone has told me that, haha I think it's pretty funny. Anyway that's about all I got for this week.
     Hope everyone has a great week!
     ~ Elder Brady

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