Monday, February 23, 2015

6 Months!

     Hey everybody hope you all had a good week. Here's what happened in my past week, or most of what happened anyway. On Monday I was with Elder Robbins in the morning because Elder Schenk was getting his hair cut so Robbins and I went to the mall. We walked around and almost every store we went into we went straight to the hat racks. It's a miracle neither of us bought anything. Then we went and got Schenk and then emailed and to the stake center for basketball. We were going to be late for dinner so we went straight there after ball and we had to change in the car. Schenk's hair was a mess so he tried to use snow to get it wet and actually made it look a little better. It was pretty funny and we were laughing and finishing getting ready walking up to the doorstep.
     Tuesday we were driving to dinner and got lost, well we went to the wrong restaurant. The place we were supposed to go was the opposite direction and we were running on a pretty much empty gas tank. Got the car gassed up and made it to dinner even if we were a little late.
     Wednesday morning we went to the other Elders' apartment so Elder Robbins could cut Elder Belliston's hair. For dinner we went to the Ellsworth's and afterwards Brother Ellsworth asked if we could help him make these peanut butter/cornflake cookie things so we did. It was funny to see three of us missionaries making cookies, they probably shouldn't have turned out very good, but they did! On our way home we were at a stoplight when two fire trucks, sirens blaring, came up behind us. We were turning left, but the light was still red. Schenk made the decision that didn't matter so we starting turning, almost hit a car, almost went down the wrong side of the road, but got back on the right side and everything worked out great! We were laughing all the way home that big.
     Transfers were on Thursday. Elder Robbins got a new companion, it's Elder Seely! (my trainer) He is now the other Zone Leader here. It's crazy they got put together again because earlier they had been companions for two transfers already, but that's cool. Elder Schenk and I are still companions so that's a good thing.
Burning a tie on my 6 month mark,
20 February 2015.
     Friday morning we were at the church for a little meeting for Zone leadership and all of a sudden the alarm started going off. There was this loud noise in the chapel. It was water pouring down on the stand! A pipe broke or something and the whole chapel ended up being flooded, the fire department came and everything. It was a good thing we were there or who knows what would have happened. It was also my six months today so i burned a tie! We just went out on our back patio and had us a little pyro fun.

Elder Brady, Elder Oyler, Elder Peterson, 
Brother Noonan, Nathaniel, Jason Doyle, Natalie, 
Elder Johnson, Elder Seely, and Elder Robbins
                Saturday we traveled to Ft. Belvoir! It 
was Jason Doyle's baptism!!! It was awesome and he had so many people show up, a good part was all the missionaries that have taught him. He has gone through a lot of us, but he finally got baptized! It was so great and I got to say the opening prayer. It was so cool to see him get baptized and to see how excited he was. He had so much support from the people of the ward too, it was amazing. On our way back it snowed really good so by the time we got back we weren't supposed to drive. So Schenk and I walked around and pushed cars up hills when they got stuck. Then we shoveled and scraped the snow off of all the cars in our parking lot.
     Sunday was really nice, it was sunny and like 40-some degrees. We went to church and 
More Snow!
then had correlation afterwards. We talked about the ward mission plan and how we can get the ward in on the plan. Our ward mission leader is super excited for the plan and can't wait to get everyone on board for it, it should be good. I love all you guys! Remember everyone can use some help here and there. 
     ~ Elder Brady

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