Monday, May 11, 2015

Skype Home!

     This week was pretty good and I got to Skype home so it made it that much better! Monday started off freaking awesome! At the gym Elder Chan was running on the treadmill and I guess the workout he picked put the incline all the way up, so it started going up and I heard him say " woooowwww!" When I asked him what he was doing he said, "I'm going to the moon!" I died laughing! Anyway we then went shopping and did some emailing and then headed to the park for our Zone Activity. We had a BBQ and played some ultimate frisbee, football, catch with a baseball and lacrosse, it was a pretty fun day. I even got quite a bit of sun, getting that farmer's tan. We had dinner at the Guzman's house and they are pretty cool, we had some more BBQ stuff so we got our fill of that but it was a good day.
     Tuesday we had a half-mission conference and it was really good. It was a lot of talk about being bold, being bold with everything. Bold with the scriptures, bold with prayer, pretty much be bold with and about everything. The conference took all afternoon so when we got back it was dinner time, after dinner we had splits with Bro. Jacob Johnson which went well. We went to see Eric Honesty and read out of the Book of Mormon with him and then talked about his mom who is in rehab. Then we went to the Kepple's and talked with them, it was Bro. Johnson's first time meeting them so that was good.
Sitting on the front porch, waiting for dinner.
     On Wednesday we had a good district meeting which was all about the Book of Mormon. I even got to teach a part of it, I taught on "The Book of Mormon Testifies of Christ" from Preach My Gospel, I think I even did a good job haha. During the afternoon we did some tracting but nothing really solid came of it. We went to a member's home for dinner but they were late so we sat on their porch as it started to rain and tried to quote movies, I don't know how well we actually did though. After dinner we got to do some indexing with Bro. Kepple (The less-active guy we see) and that was awesome. He does family history every Wednesday night but hasn't come to church in years, kind of weird.
     Thursday something happened and we just weren't feeling so good. We finally decided to go to the library and then we went to the Leasing Office and had a lesson with a new investigator named Belinda, who we just met the other day. The lesson was kind of all over the place, partly because we weren't feeling so hot and partly because she had lots of questions on different things, it was a pretty good lesson though. In the evening we went on splits with Bro. Cabatingan (our Ward Mission Leader) and we first taught the Torrico family, who committed to read the Book of Mormon and come to church next week, and then we stopped by to see John Teagon we just just helped move into the ward last week.
     On Friday we had Weekly Planning so that took up all the afternoon. We had dinner at the Cabatingan's home and the kids were kind of wild today, it was super funny. After dinner we taught the two young Sampson boys, Jesse (9) and Christopher (8), but before the lesson we shot some hoops with them and they seemed to really like that. After that we had a lesson with the Barton's and that was awesome, they are just a great young family. The two girls we are teaching, Eva (9) and Adriana (7) always have great questions that you wouldn't expect from someone that young and the youngest girl, Siena (4) is just hilarious!
     On Saturday we taught Belinda again but this time we taught her in a member's home, the Hyde's. They are a young couple and the lesson seemed to go pretty good, Sis. Hyde was great with Belinda and seemed to connect well so it was good. After the lesson we had Sis. Cliff cut our hair and it looks a lot better than when we do it ourselves! After dinner we met this guy named Mr. Z. He is really weird.... The whole time we were there he was telling us how bad everything was and complaining about his landlord, we were just sitting there thing we can't really help with that. It was pretty interesting.
     Sunday was Mother's Dayy!!! Happy Mother's Day! We went to church and it was good, of course it was all about mothers but that's how it's supposed to be. After church Elder Palmer skyped his family so I tried to keep myself entertained, good thing I found a toy plane in the nursery! Score! We then went the Mortensen's for dinner and it was another BBQ! The weather is definitely starting to get people excited, but it was good because there was multiple families there and it was just a good time. After dinner I got to skype home, yeah buddy! That was super awesome and fun! I loved it! That was my week in a nutshell and it was pretty good, I hope everyone is doing well and Happy Mother's Day! (Yesterday) Love ya'll.
     ~ Elder Brady
Annandale Zone

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