Monday, May 4, 2015

Palmer's Allergies

     Well to start off the week, Monday we forgot our keys in our apartment and were locked out. What a start. So we went to the leasing office and got a spare set of keys to get into our apartment, the. We took the spare set back and went shopping. After shopping we went to the stake center to email and play basketball. After ball we took the Chinese Elders, Elder Huang and Elder Chan, to the shop to get their car. Then it was dinner time. After dinner Elder Palmer wasn't feeling too hot so we had to stay in the rest of the night.
Elder Palmer & Elder Brady spreading
mulch for Marty, a nonmember friend.
     On Tuesday we took our car to get a Safety and Emissions Test so it would actually be legal for us to drive....Then we did some service for a non-member named Marty. We spread mulch all over her front yard, the beginning of our mulch spreading business. After dinner we had splits, but they actually turned into real splits. We had two lessons at the same time so I went with Bro. Carlile to one and Elder Palmer went with Bro. Bush to one. Wednesday we had District Meeting and it was good, like always, then we went back to do service for Marty and finish up her yard. Spreading the mulch took all afternoon but it was nice to get some work in. After dinner we dropped by people's homes to set up times for us to come back because no one is answering our calls, we got a couple return appointments so hopefully they all work out.
     Thursday Palmer's allergies attacked him. He was not feeling good at all so the morning and afternoon we were inside, we had an exchange with Bro. Jung though so he dragged himself out of bed for that. We got to see some people so it was worth it. I also got to give a blessing to a less-active guy that's having a hard time with mobility in his leg so that was pretty cool.
     On Friday Palmer was pretty sick still so we were back to staying in our apartment. The Zone Leaders showed up to see how he was doing because he was supposed to go to the temple with Elder Robbins later. He pulled himself out of bed and we grabbed some dinner then He and Elder Robbins left for the temple and I was with Elder Seely. It was awesome to serve with my first companion again! We taught a lesson to Jesse Sampson and that went really well but everything else for the night fell through. No biggie though, we talked about when we were back in Ft. Belvoir together and we were laughing a lot! It was great.
     On Saturday we helped a part-member couple move in and the truck was the biggest moving truck I've ever seen, and it was packed to the rafters. We opened the door and it 
Elder Seely & Elder Brady on splits
was a solid wall of stuff, floor to ceiling, all the way from one end of the truck to the other. Whoever packed that truck was a master Tetris player. After the move we went to get some meds for Elder Palmer because he is still getting crushed by his allergies, then we went to the ward dinner, auction and talent show. It was a fundraiser for the youth activities this summer so all the young men were dressed up and in bow ties serving dinner and all the young women were doing talents. There wasn't as many young men that did talents, I guess that sounds about right though. It was pretty fun though.
     Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and it was really good. After church we had dinner with the Lamb's and then we watched a little bit of "Spoken Word" with them so that was pretty neat. After that we had a mini-exchange just for the night, Elder Palmer went with Elder Johnson and I was with Elder Sanders again! We taught the Barton's the Plan of Salvation and it went really well, their little girls are way smart. Eva is super excited to be baptized and it's cool to see the family get involved. Then we went to see the Wongshaiboon family because Elder Sanders had a meeting set up with them and that went pretty good, we got some Thai food so yeah it was good. After that we switched back to our own companions and that was the night. Have a great week!
      ~ Elder Brady
Elder Brady relaxing for a moment.

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