Monday, May 18, 2015


     Hey everyone I hope ya'll are doing great! I had a pretty good week this past week. On Monday we went shopping and than emailed for a little bit, and then we headed off to a park that was right next to a lake. We fished some but we didn't catch anything, we did get a couple of bites though and could see some fish....they were just playing with us. Oh well, it was still pretty fun and when the rest of the elders showed up we played some basketball on a court right by the lake. After that we were all pretty much dying so we had about 20 missionaries just sitting/laying in the shade. It was a pretty fun day. 
Elder Palmer, Elder Huang, Elder Chan & Elder Brady
I have no clue what we are doing...
      Tuesday we had to run to the Mission Office and while we were there we printed off a picture of one of the Assistants, actually a couple, and put them in random places so he could find them when he came in today. In the evening we had splits with President Bush and on our way to an appointment we ran into this guy having trouble with his bags, so we helped him and started talking with him, and boy could he talk! He probably talked for a good 30 minutes without us saying a whole sentence, it was pretty intense. We finally got to our appointment and read some chapters of the Book of Mormon with Eric Honesty. On our way back to the car we talked to a guy from Iraq who had a crazy story, the Taliban blew up his house! His story was pretty dang scary and crazy and awesome. I said goodbye to President and Sister Bush tonight because I knew I was going to be transferred, they are so cool. 
Elder Brady, Sister Gray (Cole Hansen's cousin),
and Elder Blanchard
     Wednesday we had Zone Training and that was good. After lunch I packed a little and then we did some service for Shanda Robertson, we mowed her lawn. After dinner we had splits with Bro. Stranger and we went to the Centreville stake center to do some more indexing with Bro. Kepple, it was way fun. When we got back I packed some more, gotta love packing.
     Thursday was transfers and to start it off our car wouldn't start, the battery was dead. We finally found someone with jumper cables (it's amazing how many people don't have them here!) and got the car going and all loaded up. We were just in time too, Elder Palmer had a trainer's meeting so we had to be at the Centreville Stake Center at 8:30....transfers didn't start until I got to just chill, all by my lonesome till transfers, it was kind of weird. Anyway, I got transferred to the Goose Creek Area in Leesburg and my new companion is Elder Scott Merrill from Salt Lake City, Utah. 
     Friday morning I finished unpacking after we got back from the gym. This gym is by far the nicest one I've been to on my mission, it's pretty sweet so I'm stoked about that. The Zone Leaders came and switched cars with us and then we did some weekly planning. After dinner we stopped by the Smith's (all four of us elders) and they ended up feeding us because they hadn't eaten yet, thank goodness! I was starving because there is like no food in this apartment and it was just awesome. Worked out perfectly.
     Saturday we went to lunch with the other elders because we all don't really have any food so yeah. Then Elder Merrill and I tried some less-actives and got some return appointments set up. We then went to the leasing office to sync the area book and call some potentials to see when we could meet with them. Before dinner we tracted some and saw the Canigiani family, Bro. Canigiani is a recent convert, but the rest of his family are all Catholics. After dinner we saw this guy shooting hoops so we shot around with him and talked some, it was pretty cool. Then we went to see the Todd's and they are sweet! They have six kids, two girls and four boys, one boy is on a mission so they are pretty awesome to the missionaries. 
Practice teaching in primary
     On Sunday we had Ward Council in the morning and then we came back to our apartment for lunch. Church starts at 1:00 and at 12:00 we got a text asking if we could teach a primary class......sure. We taught the 8 & 9 year olds, and it was sweet! We actually had them do a practice teach, so we had one be the investigator and two were missionaries and they loved it. They are way too smart for how old they are. After Church we had dinner with the Larsen's and then we went to meet a less-active family, the Deutschmann's. To end the night we went to the Scott's because Brandon Scott was opening his mission call, he is going to the Spain, Madrid Mission. It was way cool because he had a lot of non-member friends there. That was my week, I hope you all had a great week as well! My new address is:
          Elder Zac Brady
          43850 Heatherstone Terrace
          Unit #210
          Lansdowne VA, 20176
     Have an awesome week and I hope to hear from you!
     ~Elder Brady
Annandale Zone! 

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