Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

     HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!     On Monday we did our emailing and then got our shopping done. We changed and then headed to the stake center to our zone activity, we played basketball and volleyball and some little games, but it was fun. We had dinner at our Ward Mission Leader's house, Bro. Wride and then we stayed for Family Home Evening and it was great! It was only the second one I've been to on my mission, I miss 'em. Afterwards we checked on a potential and she wants us to come back! Yeah buddy! We got Facebook back today too.
     Tuesday we had District Meeting combined with another district and for part of the meeting we role played that we were at a member's home, so we got food! After District Meeting we went to Chick-Fil-A with some other elders for lunch then we came back to our apartment and did some online. After dinner we tried some potentials, but they weren't home and then we went on a little split with Bro. Gomez, he is pretty cool. After that we did some street contacting.
     Wednesday we did a little online and some things around the apartment and then we found out our dinner had to cancel. Total bummer. After dinner we were supposed to go on a split with one of the high priests, but he never showed up so it was a canceling day I guess.
     Thursday we started off with doing some street contacting for a couple hours then we had 
Parrot eating ice cream at a dinner appointment.
lunch with the other elders. After lunch we went to see Jack Mogus, he is an investigator who is an older gentleman, but he's way cool. He has four way nice and expensive cars, like really expensive, and A LOT of guns, it's awesome!! After that we did some more street contacting and then ended the day with some online.
     On Friday we did our weekly planning like usual and then we did a little online. After lunch we took Elder Merrill's bike to the bike shop and got it fixed, but that took a little longer than we had hoped, they kept finding more stuff wrong with his bike. His bike is a bike that has been handed down from missionary to missionary, so uh it is pretty trashed. We went to the Meng's (I've been spelling their name wrong the whole time😬) and taught them some English and that was sweet, they are just way funny and super nice.
     Saturday was a service day. Early in the morning some other elders picked us up and we went and helped a nonmember family move, we moved everything in their house. It took forever and there was even a lot of people there. It took two u-hauls and a bunch of trailers to get all the stuff to their new house. Then we went straight to another service and helped a nonmember with yard work. When we were done with that we jumped in the car and headed to another move, but this time we were just unloading the u-haul so it wasn't as bad as the first move. After service we got a call for an emergency blessing so Elder Gledhill and I went and gave a less-active, Danny Purcilville, a blessing. Then we went to the Canigiani's and finished out the day there.
     Sunday was Father's Day! HAPPY FATHER'S Day!!! Because it was Father's Day we didn't have ward council, but our ride to church was late so we were late, oh well though. During the 3rd hour the other elders showed a video they made of the primary kids talking about their favorite things to do with their dads and saying they loved them and it was super awesome. There was some funny things said in that video, it was great.
     Well I hope everyone has a great week and that all goes well. I miss you all! Thank you for all the support and love!     ~ Elder Brady

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