Monday, June 1, 2015

Wednesday P-day

     Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week and that everything is going good. I had a pretty good week and some good things happened, that's all we ask for anyway.
     Monday morning we were supposed to do some service but it didn't end up happening so that was a bummer. For dinner there was a BBQ that a member was having and was inviting a lot of their neighbors so it was a great opportunity. Because of the community they love in we can't go proselyte there so this was the only interaction we could get with their friends. It was good and some people actually asked some questions about missionaries and what we do so there's that. After dinner we went and taught a lesson to Debra, we taught the Plan of Salvation. We really want to start teaching the whole family so we are hoping we can do that soon.
     Tuesday we had district meeting and then after lunch we took the online safety course for our iPads. That took forever! We had dinner at the Carpenter's and then the rest of the night we checked on potentials. On the way home we saw two little boys struggling to get a bike up their stairs so we stopped and helped. They started talking to us and asking questions and their dad actually came out and talked to us for a bit so we Weill see if something comes of that.
     Wednesday was P-Day! It was pretty good we went fishing with a bunch of other missionaries and everyone caught a fish. It was pretty sweet, towards the end it started raining like crazy but the fish were still biting! Elder Gledhill and I were the last to call it quits, super fun! Then we went shopping and emailed some. After dinner we went to the Mung's, a Chinese family that were recently baptized like last month. We are teaching them English and it is way fun, hard but fun. Brother Mung doesn't speak like any English but Sister Mung speaks fairly well so she helps us. It is weird being the teacher, really weird.
     Thursday we had a meeting that went all the way to dinner. It was TIWI Training, TIWI's are these little boxes that they hook to the cars that pretty much track our speed and driving and where we are and where we go. If we drive badly we lose driving privileges, oh well we don't have a car anyway. After dinner we had an exchange with Elder Johnson and Elder Miles, they are called "Traveling Trainers" and they go around the mission training missionaries on things President Riggs wants everyone to know. I went with Elder Johnson and he is pretty cool, we checked some potentials and then went to see the Caniagiani's.
     On Friday we did our weekly planning and that took a long time too. Longest weekly planning session I have ever done. After planning we had dinner won the Gomez family and they are awesome, they are so funny. They have two boys, about 11 and 13, and they talk a lot, but they are pretty funny so it's ok.
     Saturday we checked some more potentials but no dice, no one even answered the door. We went by the courts and played a quick game with some kids there and then we went to the Mung's. We taught some more English and then talked about missionary work and the Gospel. Being new converts they have a hunger to learn that is amazing, they have so many questions about everything, it's so cool.
     Sunday we didn't have Ward Council so it was a lazy morning. Church was really good, Brother and Sister Gomez talked about family history and being a witness of Christ at all times, it was way good. Then all the men were invited up and we sang "Ye Elders of Israel," we had no idea that was going to happen but it was fun. After Sacrament we taught the 12-14 year-olds about scripture study and how important it is to study the scriptures every day. We need that daily spiritual sustenance. After church we had dinner with the Lindsey's, well more like breakfast because we had pancakes but it was good, they are a sweet family. In the evening we taught Debra again and her dad joined in a little more this time, one step at a time.
     I was watching a Mormon Message and I thought it was really good, it is called "You Never Know." It's a good one ya'll should watch it! It showed how you never know the good that you do throughout a single day so never lose heart. Keep your head up and keep smiling!
     Love all you guys!
     ~Elder Brady
Elder Grow dumpin trail mix in my mouth.
Elder Gledhill and I with our fishies.

Yeah Buddy!
Fishing Group

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