Monday, June 15, 2015


     So this week was good because we got to do a lot of service! I love service. It's a great way to show people you care, just a reminder. Smiling face with open mouth
     Monday we emailed and then got our shopping done. After lunch we went with Donny and Barrett hiking to a place called Bear's Den, it is on the Appalachian Trail. It was super fun and awesome! After dinner we went to check on a potential, but that didn't work out because they weren't home, so we then went to the Mung's. They fed us again and we taught them some English, they are super excited to learn, it's great.
     Tuesday morning we went to the bike shop to get the part for Elder Merrill's bike, it was a long walk. Then we had missionary correlation with our Ward Mission Leader, Bro. Wride, and then they fed us dinner. After that we got to do some service, we helped a member that lives in our complex who is moving to Utah load this big truck. It was just Elder Merrill and I and this mom and her two girls, yeah it was a lot of work.
     On Wednesday we had Zone Training and that took up a lot of time. After the meeting we did some service, we helped a member who is moving things into storage move a whole bunch of stuff, plus the HEAVIEST piano ever! It was insane! After dinner we went to the Canigiani's and they are a way sweet family. It is always fun over there.
     Thursday I was with Elder Rice and Elder Harper for most of the day while Elder Merrill went with some other elders. We did this because Elder Rice and Elder Harper are teaching a guy that is in jail, but they are passing him to us and you can only have three visitors at the jail so they could only take one of us. His name is Tony Jones and he is pretty dang funny, he gets out of jail in August and is on date for August 29. He can't wait.
     Friday we did our weekly planning like usual and then we went to see the Andrew Jones family, but we couldn't go in because Andrew wasn't there. That was a bummer because we haven't seen them in a little bit, but what you gonna do? The rest of the evening we did some street contacting. Woo hitting the pavement!
     Saturday we did a lot of service, in the morning we helped with an eagle project. One of the less-active boys in the Ward was doing his eagle and making shelves for the Salvation Army so we went and helped. I got to use my woodworking skills, mmhummm. In the afternoon we stuffed like favor bags for the participants in the Police and Firemen Games. There was two zones there doing it and we got over 7,000 bags done, three other zones were there earlier and they only got under 3,000 done. We spanked 'em! Haha after dinner we hit the pavement for the evening and did some street contacting.
     Sunday morning we had ward council and then we came back to the apartment for lunch. We then walked to the Gomez's and they gave us a ride to church. During sacrament meeting one of the Livsey boys, the one with autism, threw a stuffed cat in the air and it went up and back landing right in front of me. I thought it was pretty funny and almost laughed out loud. After church we had dinner at the Todd's, they fed all four of us missionaries and it was good. When we got back to the apartment Elder Merrill and I cleaned it up because we have an apartment inspection by the mission on Tuesday so, it's gotta look good.
     Well I had a pretty good week with lots of service which is always fun. I hope everyone had a great week and that you all stay safe and happy. Oh and P.S. we are back on Facebook!
     ~ Elder Brady
Elder Merrill, Donny, Elder Brady, & Barrett
View west from Bear's Den on the Appalachian Trail!

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