Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th

Elder Brady & Elder Cook
Elders at the Gisseman Family for dinner on July 4th
Walking back from fireworks with Elders
Grow,Rickertsen, Cook, Harper, Rice & me
     So I hope everybody had a good 4th of July and saw some sweet fireworks! Collision symbol My week was pretty good and we had some fun. Well here goes my week.
     Monday we emailed and then went shopping, after shopping we went to the stake center and played some basketball. We came back and an investigator of Elder Cook's from one of his other areas came and took us out to dinner. His name was Ernesto and he was pretty funny, I don't think he ever stopped talking haha, it was great.
     Tuesday we had an exciting district meeting, we were just getting started when we heard a crash and then squealing tires, there was a wreck! We called 911 and went outside to see if we could help and we were out there for the next hour or so. One lady was taken to the hospital in the ambulance, but other than that we don't know of any injuries so that's good. After lunch we helped Elder Harper and Elder Rice do some service and then we got Elder Grow and Rickertsen and we all helped set up for youth conference and then we made sure no one really got hurt or anything during it so that was fun.
     Wednesday we had missionary correlation and since I was the only one there that knew the ward mission plan, Brother Wride went through it again with Elder Cook and the Sisters that are in the ward now. When correlation was over we checked on a potential. but no one answered the door so we went and saw one of our investigators, Jack Mogus. He pulled out some of his guns and showed them to us and we are going to help him build a gun bench, it's gonna be sweet!
     Thursday we started off doing some online and then we got picked up to help the other elders with some more service. We helped them set up tables for the end of youth conference lunch/dinner thing, then we ate dinner at Elders Rice and Harper's place.
     On Friday we had a zone meeting and got to meet our new mission president, President Huntsman. He is related to the Huntsman's in Utah and he is John Huntsman Sr.'s son. His family was there so we got to meet them as well and they seem like a great family and he seems like a pretty good guy. It will be interesting to see the changes that take place in the mission though. We ate lunch at Carolina Brothers and it was free because a member owns it. After that we met an investigator and went to this big hotel/resort thing with them and the other elders and watched fireworks.
     Saturday morning we helped set up a ward breakfast for Elder Harper and Rice's ward and then they fed us too so that was nice. But the day got even better, we even skipped lunch to do this, we pulled a plastic toy hummer behind the car and it was awesome! When we were done with it the hummer was destroyed. Ain't nobody driving that thing again. For dinner we went to a family in the Potomac Crossing ward, Elder Grow and Rickertsen's, and they fed 8 of us missionaries. 8 of us! They were awesome! Then we went to the church to help give out ice cream and watch the fireworks. Happy 4th of July!! Confetti ballCollision symbolRegional indicator for USA America!
     Sunday was pretty fun, we got to teach Sister Fairchild's class again and that was great. They are a super cool, funny bunch of kids. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and had them practice teach a little bit and they seem to like that so we will probably keep doing it when we teach them. We had dinner at the Jones' home and they are just a sweet family, always fun and definitely one of my favorite families. After dinner we went to Brother Higginson's and got a couch he was giving to us so we got another couch.
     Well that was my week and it was a pretty good one. I hope y'all had a good week and enjoyed your 4th of July! Stay awesome and happy, I miss you all. I love hearing from everyone and it really means a lot to me so thank you.
     ~ Elder Brady
Proud to be an American

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