Monday, July 13, 2015


Elder Cook & Elder Brady
Just taking pictures because we wanna.
     On Monday we emailed, then we skipped shopping and went to the stake center to play some basketball. We didn't have to go shopping because we had enough food from last week so we were set. We had dinner at the Smith's and then we stayed for Family Home Evening with them. It was super fun to be a part of it.
     In district meeting on Tuesday Elder Grow and his district came into ours and challenged us to a finding contest. Whoever finds the most new investigators by next Tuesday wins and the loser district buys the winners ice cream. After district meeting we had some lunch and then we went to the Meng's and had an English lesson with them. Then we did some online and checked on a potential investigator, but he wasn't home.
     Wednesday we got picked up early in the morning by the other Elders to go do some service out in the boonies. We were fixing fence and building a new one and it was awesome! It was crazy humid and the bugs were everywhere, but it was great to do some service like that, I really liked it. After lunch we did some hard work for a non-member in the Potomac Crossing Ward and that took all afternoon. We had dinner at the Peterson's, they are a young family with two little girls aged 3 and 6 and they are so cute. When we were leaving they were blocking the door because they didn't want us to leave. When we finally left we checked a potential and set up an appointment to go back next week.
     Thursday we did a lot of biking, but nothing really came of it, that we can see yet anyway. We had dinner at the Vermillion's who are an older couple but they are super nice. After dinner we did some online and then tried to talk to some more people.
Raining pretty good.
     Friday we ate ourselves into a food coma. It was awesome haha, but anyway we went to do service with the other elders again but traffic was terrible. By the time we got there and the guy we were doing it for got there it was time for us to leave so we will go back tomorrow.
     Saturday we went back to do service for Dean Coleman, we painted his deck. We started early in the morning and went all the way till dinner, but we still didn't finish so we will go back again soon. We had dinner with the Meng's and it was super good like always!
     Sunday morning we had Ward Council and then the Canigiani's gave us a ride to and from church. We had dinner at the Rothman's and it was kind of crazy. They are an older couple, but their son and daughter and their families were there so there was a lot of young kids there and it was awesome. It reminded me of being at Grandma and Grandpa's with all the cousins, it was great. After dinner we went to the Canigiani's and talked with them. We had a little game night too, they just bought a new ping pong table so we played ping pong with them.
     Well that was my week and it wasn't too bad. I hope you all had a great week and something awesome happened!     ~ Elder Brady
Playing in the water.

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