Monday, July 27, 2015

Guys Like Bacon.

Elder Cook & I waiting for our ride to interviews.
     Hey! I hope everyone had a great week and nothing too insane happened!  I had a pretty good week with some fun things that happened.
     On Monday we did our emailing and then went with the other elders to look at a showroom of cars. Elder Harper is a big car guy so he was pretty excited about that. The guy in their ward that works there took us out to lunch and then after lunch we got our shopping done. Then we all came back to our apartment and just hung out. After dinner Elder Cook and I went to the Jones' so he could say goodbye because they are leaving for a month and by the time they get back he will be gone. We tried some potentials but no luck.
Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese!!
     Tuesday was district meeting and that was pretty good, afterwards Elder Cook and I had a great idea for lunch.....we made bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwiches!! They were so good! We had dinner at the Gomez's and they are awesome.
    Wednesday we had interviews with our new mission president, President Huntsman. He is a really nice guy and seems pretty cool, he also said the mission will be changing in the next couple of transfers so it will be interesting to see what changes take place. After interviews we had our missionary correlation with Brother Wride and the sisters.
     Thursday morning Elder Harper and Elder Rice picked us up and we went and helped them with some service, after that I went on an exchange with Elder Harper to his area and Elder Rice came to Elder Cook in our area. Elder Harper and I had a lesson with an elderly lady and she was hilarious! She was so nice too.
An investigator found Cokes with
Elder Cook's and my name on them!
No we didn't drink them...
     Elder Harper and I saw a less active member Friday morning and then we switched back to our usual companions. It was a pretty good exchange.     Saturday a member that Elder Cook knows from a previous area took us out to lunch. After that we went to the Canigiani's and there was some other elders there that are going home soon and they were throwing like this going away dinner/party. It was really fun! I got to see some of my friends, Elder Robbins and Elder Palmer so it was cool.
     Sunday we had Ward Council and then we had church. Elder Cook and both sisters gave a talk but I didn't....I don't know how that happened. One of the sisters said in her talk that it was because they were talking about Pioneer Day and they were all from Utah. Perks to being from Idaho I guess haha. Anyway it was a good Sunday and church was great!
     ~Elder Brady

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