Monday, December 14, 2015


     Hey everybody I hope things are going good for you. Everything here is going fairly well and the Christmas lights are definitely up. Depending on where you go there is either a neighborhood full of lights or one that isn't so full, I have decided I'm going to always try and have some lights up, it just seems to make people feel happy when there are Christmas lights. Anyway this week was a pretty busy week what with all that went on.
     On Monday Elder Kerr and I went into DC and we got to go to the top of the Washington Monument! It was super sweet! By far the best view I've seen in a long time. After we were up there for a bit we went to the zoo and spent the rest of the day there. It was nice because there weren’t a lot of people so the place wasn't packed, we could basically go anywhere we wanted as quick or as slow as we wanted. 
     Tuesday was my birthday! I am 20 years old.....that's really weird to say because I still feel like I'm 17 or something like that sometimes. Anyway we had a zone training which they taught us what we were taught in the "special" meeting last week so it was pretty good, but a repeat for some of us. We went to the Bank's for dinner (an older couple) and when they found out it was my birthday they got a tiny cupcake, put a candle on it, sang happy birthday to me and made me blow it out. It was great, they are super nice. Afterwards we went to the Johansen's who my mom had gotten in contact with and they had made me a cake and they sang happy birthday to me there as well. It was a great day, but it didn't end so great, we found out that Elder Kerr was being transferred so that was a big bummer. 
     Wednesday we spent most of the day at Brian's helping him with some things and making a trip to the dump, then he took us out to get milkshakes because Elder Kerr is leaving. When we got back to the apartment Elder Kerr still had to pack so he started that and I....well I don't remember what I was doing.
     Thursday....transfers. It was rough because Elder Kerr was being transferred and Elder Schenk was going home, but that happens. I was helping the new AP, Elder Jones (one of my good friends) load the luggage of the missionaries going home and was sitting on the side of the truck talking to Elder Kerr when President Huntsman came walking up and I decided to give him a hard time. I said "You're splitting us up!" He apologized and started telling me how hard it is to get transfers figured out and I totally believe him, it has got to be really hard. I have a lot of respect for him even though I'm not too happy Kerr and I aren't companions anymore. Anyway my new companion is Elder Tyrel Coles and he is from Meridian, Idaho. 
     The rest of the week went pretty good although nothing too spectacular happened, but it's the little things that matter right? Sunday was stake conference and that was pretty good, they focused a lot on temple attendance and I wish missionaries could go more, but we are lucky to have a temple so close so I shouldn't complain. It is about time for another temple trip though, going to look into that. After dinner there was an "Evening of Music" which was basically a concert with people of all different faiths performing at the church. It was really cool and interesting to see how people interact during the holiday season even though they are of different faiths, it all seems to just kind of get pushed to the back of everyone's mind and Christ comes to the front, it's really sweet. Christ should always be the center of our lives, this is how it should always be.
     Well I hope you all have a great week and stay safe. Remember the reason for the season, remember Jesus Christ and focus on keeping him in the center of your lives throughout this season, and throughout the year as well.
     ~ Elder Brady

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