Monday, December 7, 2015


My District
     Hey everybody I hope y'all had a good week! My week was pretty good, I wish I had more time to tell you about it but we are going into DC so I got to be fast.
     We had a pretty fun district meeting this week, we played a game kind of like jeopardy. There was a bunch of questions where they had to find scriptures and explain the answer but there was also just some random stuff like rope the cow we have or put leaves on the table. It was pretty funny and crazy but a lot of fun and then afterwards Sister Rossi, who is going home this week, bore her testimony and it was really spiritual. She really stressed making the most of everyday because time slips through your fingers faster than you realize. It was really good.
     This week I was invited to a special training with all the leaders of the mission and some other missionaries. It was an all day thing and we were trained a lot on planning, that's what they spent most of their time on anyway but we were also trained on how to really help our investigators progress and they did role play after role play for a couple of hours to show this. It was pretty intense but I learned a lot.
One Squirrel
     We went to the church early one morning and helped for a couple hours with the Syrian refugee coat and blanket drive they were doing, we had a ton of boxes filled! It took a big semi and then a big packing truck and half of another packing truck to get all the boxes we got done and there's still more. People are going back tomorrow to finish the rest or try and finish the rest anyway. After that we went to Brian's and we were helping him out with some hides and he came up to us with a squirrel and said who wants supper? A little bit later we had another one and we skinned and cleaned them, cooked them over a fire and ate em... wasn't too bad actually. Kind of weird, but not too bad.     Well it was a good week, but I'm out of time right now we got to get going into DC. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope I get to hear from y'all soon. Have a good one!      ~ Elder Brady
The ball that I received for my birthday.
Skinning a deer hoof.
Oh, the things we learn on a mission.

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