Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year

DC Street Performers
     Hey everybody I hope y'all had a merry Christmas! Mine was pretty good even if it was 75 degrees and no snow. Anyway I'll just tell you a little bit about my week.
     Monday we went into DC with Elder Kerr and his new companion and we went to the National Cathedral. It was awesome, but all my pictures are on my camera so I will get them sent out here pretty soon. After that we went to see the National Christmas Tree, but before we got there we ran into some street performers and listened to them for awhile then on to the Christmas Tree. The tree was on the Mall behind the White House and it was surrounded, but a bunch of little trains going around it, it was pretty sweet. Then in the evening we went caroling as a district, it was a lot of fun and made me think of when we would go caroling for Young Men and Young Women back home.
     I'm going to skip to Christmas Eve, on Christmas Eve we went up to the Temple Visitor's Center because our mission was doing a performance, but we had to direct traffic but it was still fun. I got to be with Elder Kerr and we had the job of making sure everything went smoothly so it was pretty fun.
     Christmas was a great day, we didn't get back to our apartment until late at night but that's ok. We got to Skype home and that was awesome! Skyping home is probably one of my favorite things we get to do, it's nice to see and hear everybody. After Skyping we went to the Bishop's house and played some card games with him and his family and then we went to the Shamlion's for dinner. We finally got back to our place and opened up presents, whoo!
     Saturday we spent most of the day in Willow Crescent, an apartment complex, trying potentials in our area book. It was a long walk there and a long walk back. We didn't get anybody that wanted us to come in or even come back so that was a bummer, but hopefully we will have something work out for us soon.
     Sunday we had church and then after that we went to the Bishop's house for the mid-singles pot luck for lunch. It was pretty good and fun, we talked about the weirdest Christmas presents that had been given and received. I couldn't even think of any b there were a lot of good ones that other people had.
     Well I hope y'all are doing good and had a great Christmas and I hope you have a Happy New Year this week!! Party popperConfetti ball
     ~ Elder Brady
The Christmas Lights at the DC Temple

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