Monday, March 14, 2016

Be Happy

Elder Chan & Elder Brady
     This week has been pretty good but we've had so much to do it's ridiculous. We are getting behind on some of the things we got to do which isn't a good thing, starting to feel a little swamped. That's good though, busy busy busy.
     Anyway on Monday we did our shopping and then went and played Football! It was a super nice day and I'm pretty sure I got some sunburn from it but it was worth it. One of my good friends out here went home today though for medical reasons so that's a bummer but he's doing good. We found out our interviews with President tomorrow were going to be at our apartment, I guess they want to see which is easier interviews at the church or in everyone's own apartment. Went to the office and the missionary who was supposed to do the Warrior Report hadn't sent it in so we did a goose chase over the phone and finally got him to send it in.
     Tuesday we had our interviews with President and they were good even if it was a little weird to do them in our apartment. He talked about 2 Nephi 5 and living after the "manner of happiness" that it describes in that chapter, it was really good. We spent the rest of the day in the office trying to get caught up and get things ready for MLC this week.
     On Wednesday we went up to McLean to pick things up and drop stuff off that we were told apartments needed after they had all been inspected. We got most of it done, but there's still a couple things we have to go get. We went into the office when we got back and made sure the PowerPoint was ready for MLC tomorrow and set up an iPad for a new sister.
     Thursday we had MLC and it was pretty good, better than last transfer. President talked about being happy again and the Assistants talked about how to deal with the excuses people have for not going to church or not reading the Book of Mormon. Then we talked about teaching the Plan of Salvation simply so the pamphlet and that was really good, it just makes things a lot easier for the missionaries and the investigators. The new Chinese elder flew in today so we set up his iPad and got them all squared away.
     Friday we went to the office in the morning and met with a Senior Couple missionary, Elder Torgersen, to talk about the storage sheds. After we had lunch we drove down to Manassas to do some more drop offs and pick ups because of apartment inspections and again we didn't finish. After dinner we tried multiple people but it seemed like nobody was home. We went to the office to find out about the mission history which we are supposed to write one for last year so we were seeing how it's been done in the past.
     Saturday we spent a lot of time in the office trying to fix some things that aren't working. We are having issues with the area book and missionaries' iPads so that was fun. Elder Kinard (Senior Missionary) asked us to help him pick up a bunch of mattress pads so we went with him to do that and it turns out all the ones he'd ordered hadn't arrived yet, only one order was there so we picked that one up and will have to go back for the others next week. Tried some people but we couldn't get in and then we went to the Tolboe's (members) who are awesome and we talked with them for a bit.
     Sunday we had church and then ward missionary correlation and ward council. After that we were supposed to do our weekly planning but we met with the sisters to see how we wanted to split up the members in the Ward we are going to see. We had dinner with the Gillespie's and then we went tracting. We wanted to show the new Easter video, "Hallelujah", and out of all the houses we knocked not one let us show it to them. Woot woot that's what I'm talking about....We went into he office and did numbers to end the night, which ended pretty late.
     Well it was a pretty busy week and I swear we never have enough time to do everything but that's life I guess. Things are going good though and I'm still enjoying being an office elder. Hopefully this next week we can get a lot of things done. Well have a great week everyone and be happy, read 2 Nephi 5 and see what you get from it. Another good scripture about happiness is Mosiah 2:41.     ~ Elder Brady

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