Tuesday, March 8, 2016


     Hey everybody I'm just going to apologize early for the short email, it was transfer week so we were super busy and this week we are even more so. We are trying to get everything caught up so that's why the short email, I just don't have the time.
     Anyway things are going good and like I said it was transfer week, which means we work overtime and get even less sleep, woo hoo! We take beds to and from apartments that are going to be in trios or that were in trios and aren't anymore. We get things set up for the incoming missionaries and then we pick them up on Wednesday. After we pick them up we take them into DC to go to the Lincoln Memorial, which was super fun, and then back to the mission home.
     Thursday was transfers, Elder Finlayson got transferred and my new companion is Elder Chan. Elder Chan is from Hong Kong and I actually knew him last year because we lived in the same apartment complex. He also goes home in two transfers so I'll either be done in the office this transfer or I could be here for a while.
     Friday morning we woke up at 3:00 am to take the departing missionaries, who happen to be the sisters I came out here with, to the airport. It was kind of weird to see most of the people I came out on my mission with go home, there's only four elders now from my group still out here. Crazy to think about for sure.
     Well, now that transfers are over we start doing all the stuff we need to do. We have been in the office every day almost all day doing work. We have fun though, Elder Chan is pretty funny, so we laugh a lot which makes things easier. We are just super super busy.
     Well I hope y'all are doing good and I hope spring is finding you guys. It has definitely found us, we played football yesterday for p-day in almost 70 degrees! It was pretty awesome, but I'm already starting to not want it to get any hotter. I like colder weather though, and snow I can't wait for some real snow. Anyway stay happy and smile, because that may be all it takes to make someone's day so much better!
     ~ Elder Brady
Elder Jones and I

Taking the new missionaries into DC
to the Lincoln Memorial

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