Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

     Hey everyone I hope you had a great Easter! It is one of the best holidays and I think it is easy to under appreciate it. Anyway I hope your week was good and you had some great experiences. This past week for me has been good, just super busy like always. I guess it's a trend or something now.
     Anyway on Monday for our p-day we went to the stake center and played some ball. It was alright and there was one game where our teams were pretty even and it was a super good game, we were trading buckets back and forth and it was high pace. It was just really good. After a couple games though everyone started lagging and getting tired and slowly the number of players got smaller and smaller and the number of people emailing got bigger and bigger. After emailing a little we played a game of lightning and called it a day.
     Tuesday we went to the office and did some work there and then went to do the apartments in the Oakton zone. We came back for dinner and then picked up a desk from a member that is getting rid of it so we grabbed it for the mission. After that we grabbed another desk and ran it all the way up to Leesburg and then to Herndon to drop off some stuff there.
     Wednesday we had district meeting which was good. Elder Ma is our district leader and he is from somewhere over by Beijing. He did district meeting on forgetting the past, learning from it but then moving on and looking to the future. It was way good. After district meeting we went to the office and did a little here and then went and did the apartment pick ups and drop offs in the Centreville Zone. We went to drop stuff off to a set of sisters who lived way out there but when we got there, no sisters. They had moved and their address was wrong, they actually live right by where we were just before so we drove all the way back to where we were before. Elder Chan drove the van for the time today and got an aggressive driving violation in tiwi, it was pretty dang funny!
Our new mission van!

     Thursday we went with President Lowe (Vehicle Coordinator), down to Woodbridge, which is out of our mission, and picked up our brand spankin new van!! I got to drive it off the lot and that sucker only had 16 miles on it, it was fresh! It's a 2016 Ford Transit and it is big. It's bigger than our old can and Elder Chan is scared to drive it. Anyway that took most of the day and then we went to the office and got the transfer cards done for Sister Huntsman's transfer board she has at the office.
     On Friday we switched vehicles with the APs because the seats don't come out very easy in the new van and we didn't have time to take them out so we used the truck. We did the apartments for the Annandale Zone which is too far from us so it wasn't bad. Elder Chan was trying to teach me Chinese, but it is super hard to remember all he tried teaching me so I don't think I retained much. It was fun though.
     Saturday we went to the office and got the pictures of people baptized this year put on the our big 300 so we were up to date. After lunch we went up to Alexandria and did the apartments up in that zone. One of the sister's apartments had 3 office chairs so we got excited but when we got there we weren't excited anymore, the chairs were trashed. They live on the third story and we didn't want to carry them all the way down so one of the sisters and I chucked them off their balcony! It was awesome! On the last one a guy on the ground started cheering and yelling telling us to throw a grill, it was so funny!
     Sunday was Easter, woot woot! It was also my Grandma's birthday, happy birthday Grandma Davis! Church was pretty good, I mean it was the Easter program so of course it was good. The primary sang a couple songs and then the choir sang, it was way good. Two speakers talked but it was more like a narrative about the life of Christ, it was just pretty good. After church we had dinner with the Green's who are super sweet and then we did the Springfield zone apartments which didn't take too long. We tracted for the rest of the night and got nothing but something will happen soon. We finished off the night by doing numbers at the office, rolling in at about midnight, yeah buddy.
     Well I hope y'all had a great week and that you had a good Easter. I hope you came closer to Christ over the week and knows his love for you as well. I was thinking about the Atonement a lot this week and I can't begin to comprehend what Christ went through for us, he experienced every single little bit of our pain, be it physical or otherwise he has gone through it for us so we could have a way out. He's taken everything we go through on his shoulders already so don't be afraid to turn to him, don't make his sacrifice be in vain. He loves you and has his arms open to you. Follow him. You guys are the best, keep being awesome!     ~ Elder Brady

Sick truck I want!

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