Monday, May 30, 2016

DC Trip

     Hey hey everybody, I hope you had a great week this past week and were able to see some blessings in your life. My week was pretty good and I was able to see some blessings in my own life. Anyway transfers are this week and I'll be staying for sure because my companion, Elder Chan, has finished his mission and is headed home to Hong Kong. It's pretty crazy, anyway I'll let you in on what happened this last week.
At the Zoo with Lovelace from "Happy Feet"
(Me, Elder Hardy, Elder Bunn, Elder Hudson)
     Monday I went into DC with the Braddock elders and we went to the National Zoo and to China Town. It was pretty sweet and we saw some animals, it was just a ton of walking. China Town was way cool too, it was just a cool place to be. When we got back Elder Chan and I went to a dinner that a member set up for us at a non-member's home. It was really good, they were an older couple from Hong Kong and Mongolia, so they really connected with Elder Chan really well. It was also cool to see the member doing missionary work like that. After dinner we shared a message about family history and temple work and how our families can be sealed together forever, throughout the generations. They seemed pretty excited about it and said they will work on their genealogy, and that we could come back.
     Tuesday we had our Zone Training and it was pretty good. It was one of the shorter ones I've had, but at the end they opened it up to testimonies and it was a good way to end it. Afterwards we went to the office and Elder Chan had his departing interview with President. We stayed at the office the rest of the night doing a bunch of work there.
     Wednesday we were at the office for most of the day again. We were working on the Mission History, both for last year and this year, so both of us were typing and clicking away as fast as we could, for a long time. We also got everything ready for Return and Report tomorrow so it was a busy office day. In the evening we did have a lesson with a less-active, Tony Piro, and read he Book of Mormon with him. It was really good and he said he will come to a fireside this Sunday. Woot woot!
     Thursday was Return and Report and it took a while longer than they usually do, but I don't know why it was so much longer. We played a game of lightning after lunch and it was President and I as the last two, we were running and shooting and running, but my ball took a bad bounce and he got me out so he won. Oh well. We went to the office and worked until dinner, which an office couple (The Lowe's) took us out to dinner. After dinner we had exchanges and I was with Elder Tapusoa who is Samoan, but he is from Utah....still a cool guy though. We went and tried some people, but no one was home for the most part.
     Friday morning we went to the storage sheds, for the first time in a long time, and grabbed a vacuum for Elder Andersen in the office. At the office we worked on baptism pictures for the 300 and some more Mission History. Back at the apartment we had our weekly planning and then we had to hustle to a first lesson with a family! Butttt they weren't there so that was a bummer. We went to Annandale then, so Elder Chan could meet with the Fagan's (senior couple) who are the employment specialists and he got some good info from them on finding a job when he gets home. Then we went to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant that Elder Chan wanted to eat at and it was good, not too bad. After dinner it was back to the office to work on the Mission History some more.
     Saturday we spent all day doing service! Woo hoo! It was awesome! We went to a member's home, the Hodgdon's, and spent the day there working in the yard and helping them. We put a foundation down for a new shed they are getting, cut trees, and fixed some more of their bikes. It was tons of fun and we got dinner from them, they are great.
Service at the Hodgdon's!!!!

     Sunday was good, church was great and it always is now. It's a wonder I never noticed how great it was when I was younger....... Church was awesome and there was a lot of good talks given. After church we had ward council and then we had dinner with the Bishop and his family. We swapped mission stories for most of the time, and it was really funny to hear some of the things that had happened or that he had done on his mission. After dinner we went down to the Mt. Vernon chapel, my first chapel I went to on my mission, for the New and Returning Member Fireside. Tony came and it was really good so I hope it was good for him, it was good for me that's for sure. All these people who have just been baptized or are returning to the church have such a love for the Gospel and a desire to do better, it's incredible.
     Anyway it was a good week out here in Virginia and it only rained one day, so it's getting a lot better than it was. I hope y'all have a great week and do something for someone else. Service is the key to happiness!
     ~ Elder Brady
Taking a break from doing service at the Hodgdon's.
Elder Sanders, me, Elder Frew.
Almost the only ones left from our MTC group.

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