Monday, May 2, 2016

Life is Crazy

P-dayyyyyyy!! Elders Tapusoa, Hudson,
 Me, Hardy, Bunn, Chan

     Hey everyone I hope you're doing good and had an awesome week! Live life, that's what's up. My week was pretty good, there were a couple of days that things got interesting, but it was fun. We did lots of driving around the mission this week which is a really cool part of what we get to do, we get to see the whole mission. It's awesome.
     Anyway on Monday we went down to Ft. Belvoir and played some rugby and soccer with a bunch of elders, it was pretty fun. Soccer is pretty tiring, you run a ton and that's just backyard soccer. It was a pretty warm day too, so everyone was pretty tired at the end. Then we emailed at the Ox Road chapel and then went back to the apartment. We went to the Fleming's and met a recent convert there named Brian Short, talked a bit and had a good spiritual/lesson with them. Then Brian left but the Fleming's little girl, Isla, asked Elder Chan and I to stay for family home evening which she was teaching, so we did. It was good, she taught about daring to choose the right and then we played a little game like chutes and ladders. It was great! After that we went to the office and did the Warrior Report. We messed up twice so we had to send three of them, haha woo hoo!
Tractors at Juan Pine's house,he has a ton of cool stuff
     Tuesday morning we went to the mission home for a District Leader meeting with all the district leaders in the mission. President and the AP's talked about how they can be the best district leaders they can be and gave them some ideas. After that we had to go into the office so we could get Tiwi installed in the van, oh how I hate Tiwi. Tiwi monitors a bunch of things, but basically if you speed or drive "aggressively" and so on you get a violation, after a certain amount of violations you get your driving privileges taken away. It's a real distraction when you're driving at least to me, but I guess it's supposed to help. We had dinner at the Wadsworth's and then went on splits with Dallin Hodgdon who is a priest in our ward. We met with a less-active named Brother Hew-Len and it was good. We are going back next week.
      Wednesday we went to the office and spent most of the afternoon there. Then we took the old van to the shop so it can get all prettied up and ready to sell. We had dinner with the Blaine's and then went on splits with Brother Bold. We went and talked to his next door neighbor, Juan Pine, and talked about temples and families being together forever and then a little bit about the restoration and Joseph Smith. It was good and he said we can come back so that's awesome!
     Today (Thursday) again we spent most of the afternoon in the office setting up iPads for some of the new missionaries. When we finished that we went to the shop and picked up the van and took it back to the office, then met Brother Bold and Brian Short for dinner at a diner. After dinner we went on splits with Brother Johnson and ended up talking with the Weber's who are a less-active/part-member family. She said she wants us to come teach her son and that they are going to start coming to church. Yeahhhhh buddy! Then we had to go back to the office and set up another iPad for a new missionary.
     Friday we went on exchanges with the Braddock elders. Elder Hudson and I went and helped a guy move. It wasn't too bad because it was just from one apartment building to the next one right by each other. The guy's name was Michael and he is pretty cool, he played college football too. We met Elder Bunn and Elder Chan and a couple of members from the YSA ward at Ill Mee for lunch because it was Elder Bunn's birthday so that was fun. Then we went back to the office and set up more iPads for the new missionaries. The Kinard's, a senior couple, took us to dinner and then we went back to the office and finished up some work there.
     Saturday we ran around a lot. We got a call in the morning from the Torgersen's (senior couple), asking for help moving so we went down to Ft. Belvoir and and spent the afternoon doing that. We set up an iPad for a new missionary down there too. While we were finishing that move up, we got a call and some elders had locked their car keys in their car so we had to go to the office, get the spare key, and drive over to Centreville and unlock it for them. At Centreville we set up an iPad for a new missionary and while we were doing that we got a call saying that an apartment was closing today and we needed to have it cleaned out. Great. We booked it up to Herndon and start cleaning out the apartment, some elders helped us and we got it all done. Then we decided to run up to Leesburg and set up an iPad for a new missionary because we were so far up there already.
     Sunday was a good day. We went to church and had an awesome lesson on Temples and family history work, it was great. Then we went to the combined young men and young women testimony meeting they do and that was really good, there are a ton of youth here. Sunday evening we drove up to Arlington to get the last two iPads set up and to the missionaries so they could have them for Mothers Day.
     Well it was a bit of a crazy week there towards the end, but that's life. I've learned God will help us no matter what and when life just seems to get crazy we need to rely on Him all the more, He will make us strong and we will be able to do what we need to do. I hope y'all have a great week and never give up on yourself!
     ~ Elder Brady

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