Monday, May 23, 2016


     Well this week there was a ton of rain and it was pretty gray and dark, but it was still pretty good. We finished up zone conferences and got back into somewhat of a regular routine. We had some pretty funny/crazy experiences this week too.
     Monday Elder Chan and I went to the office and finished sending in numbers that had somehow gotten lost the night before. Then we went to the stake center and played some basketball and that was pretty fun. In the evening we had a lesson with a less-active's 8 year old son which went pretty well. We took one of the Priests with us because her husband wasn't home so we needed another male in the house and he was awesome with Will (the son). Then we went to the Kinard's and Orton's, a senior couple, for dinner.
     Tuesday we went up to Alexandria and had their zone conference which was good. Elder Chan and I couldn't find the cord to plug in all our equipment for the videos so we had to hustle to the store and buy a cord and make it work. Afterwards we went to the office to do some work there and then we had dinner with the the Buss family.
     Wednesday was our last zone conference and it was in Annandale. It's kind of nice to be done, but I learned a lot from them and I liked going so it's kind of a bummer too. After the conference, it was back to the office to work and then dinner at the Blaine's. The Blaine's are sweet and feed us quite a bit, they're great. After dinner we went to the Centreville stake center to look for the cord we couldn't find, so we were talking to a guy asking if he'd seen it and Elder Chan was trying to explain what it looked like and then we both saw it and said "like that one!" It was pretty funny, the guy was cracking up anyway.
Springfield Zone Service Project
     On Thursday we had a zone service project for a non member which was pretty cool. We were doing yard work for her and it was awesome. We had to catch a snake and Elder Hudson raked it up and swung it around which flung it at Elder Mecham. Elder Hudson raked it back up and Elder Hall was trying to cut off the snake's head with hedge clippers, but Elder Hudson wouldn't let him and ran the snake to the woods, it was hilarious. We had district meeting after that and then Chan and I had exchanges with the AP's. We both went to their area and I got to go with Elder Jones, we were biking and tried contacting potentials all night and then went to the Kough's! It was great to see them again, they're the best.
Elder & Sister Andersen
     Friday we had an office staff meeting and then the senior couples fed us lunch. Elder and Sister Andersen brought the food in Budweiser and Bud Light boxes, it was awesome haha. Then we had service at the Hodgdon's and did a lot yard work, which was sweet, and we fixed some of their bikes as well. We had dinner at the Groth's, who are a super sweet young couple and then Elder Chan didn't feel good so we went back to the apartment.
     Saturday morning we went to the office and Elder Chan worked on his "My Plan" for when he goes home, all the missionaries have to do it their last transfer. We went to our ward picnic and even though it was raining it was pretty sweet. After that we tracted and no one wanted anything to do with us and then we met up with the Braddock elders to blitz. Elder Hudson and I were knocking doors in apartment buildings and we were on our last building when we just got rocked. We had three people yelling and cussing at us from three different doors and two of them were at the same time. Talk about getting attacked from all sides haha they were telling us to "stop selling Jesus!" I've never heard that one before, I think someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It was crazy and they all called the cops on us because we were "soliciting" which of course we aren't, so we just kept doing our thing and no cops showed up. Turns out the other elders got told to leave and not to solicit too so I guess that's just a rough neighborhood.
Elder Brady & Elder Jones
     Sunday we went to the Chinese Branch for church so Elder Chan could give a talk there before he goes home. It was pretty cool, there were like 20 some people there and I didn't understand very much, but it was pretty sweet. Elder Chan translated for me when he was sitting next to me so that was cool too. After church the Chinese elders had a baptism and we stayed for that as well so Elder Chan could be a witness. It was sweet they had three languages going the whole time (Mandarin, Cantonese, English). President Huntsman even came and spoke Mandarin so that was pretty cool. We went to dinner at the Torgersen's and then went to the church, the sisters were there and asked us to give Sister Laughbon a blessing. I got to give her the blessing and it was a pretty cool experience, giving blessings always is. After that we checked on a less-active, Brother Hew Len, but he wasn't very happy to see us, he did say come back Thursday so that's good. We went to the office to do numbers and I talked with Elder Jones and got a picture with him because it's probably the last time I'll see him before he goes home on Tuesday. I'm gonna miss that guy.
     So this week was good, really rainy but good. Going to the Chinese Branch was cool and it was like being in a different part of the world. They only had a few people there and I couldn't understand what was being said for the most part, but it was great. It's something I'll remember for awhile that's for sure. Well I hope y'all had a great week and are enjoying life. There's a little quote that says "Don't just endure, thrive." Live everyday to make yourself better and to help those around you become better.
     ~ Elder Brady

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