Monday, June 13, 2016

Quad Squad to Trio to Companionship

Golfing. Elder Shelley,
Elder Rammell, Me, Elder Tesch

     Hey everyone I hope you're doing good and loving life. This week has been a crazy week. But it's been crazy awesome too!
     On Monday we went golfing so Elder Fagan, a senior missionary, and it was pretty sweet. I have golfed like twice in my life but it was super fun. We played 18 holes so it took a couple of hours but we had a blast and it was cool to do something I haven't done in a long time. We had dinner at the Sawyer's and gave the daughter a blessing, so that was a cool experience. Giving a blessing always is. We went tracting and had one lady say we could come back, he we went to the office to do the Warrior Report.
     Tuesday we went to the Hodgdon's to do some service for them. We chopped some trees down and pulled out a big stump with the truck. That was awesome! While there Elder Andersen called and said an apartment was closing today and somehow it hadn't been communicated to us so we had to drop everything and go clean it out. It took the rest of the day and we had the truck stacked with stuff but we got it done.

Service at the Hodgdon's. Elders Rammell & Shelley,
Dallin, Sarah, Me, Elder Tesch, and Jonathon
     Wednesday morning we went to the office to do some work there while Elder Tesch was doing some last minute things before he leaves tomorrow morning. We went down to Mt. Vernon to get lunch with the elders down there so Elder Tesch could say bye to them. We were rapping up a storm it was awesome haha. The Jones' had us over for dinner, they are great. After dinner Elder Shelley and I went on an exchange with Bro. Gillespie and tried some people but we didn't have much luck.
     Elder Tesch left today (Thursday) at 4:15 in the morning, no more Quad Squad. I'm gonna miss that guy he was a sweet dude. We went to MLC today and they were talking about helping the mission work better together so they set a goal of finding 300 new investigators next week. That's a lot because the highest we've ever got was this week with 147 new, so it will be a big jump but would be freaking awesome! Then we went to the office and fixed an iPad and a tablet for two missionaries. After dinner we went to the Weber's and taught Will a bomb lesson on the Plan of Salvation! We drew it out with him and taught him along the way and then had him teach his mom, it was great.     
     Friday we went to the office to finish Sister Huntsman's transfer board cards, and then we took them out to the mission home. Got some lunch and met the Andersen's (senior couple) at the storage sheds so they could see what we have to put in a new senior couples' apartment. Then we went up to Herndon to clean out an apartment which was easy because there wasn't very much in there. We went back to the office and told Elder Andersen the apartment was ready to close and he told us we had one to clean out PRONTO! Sooo we dropped everything again and headed down to Lorton and the apartment is packed! It has so much stuff in it and we are supposed to be out of it already because Elder Andersen told them we had vacated. He had actually closed the wrong apartment early so we have some work to do.

Elder Rammell, Me, Justin Maeger, Elder Shelley
     Saturday morning we blitzed the area with the Braddock elders. Elder Bunn and I were tracting and we talked to a couple people and we found a girl who said we could try back but she is YSA age so Braddock gets to go back. After lunch we put furniture in the new senior's apartment and then got a text from President Huntsman asking to meet with us. We found out Elder Shelley is leaving, which is a big bummer! An elder went home so President needs Elder Shelley to go and take his place. We're all bummed. Dinner was at the Maeger's and they are great! After dinner we had a nerf war with their son, Justin, and we went thug and put a bunch of bandannas on haha it was super fun. The sisters showed up so we hid and when they came in we ambushed them, it was freaking awesome!
Elder Shelley and I camping on the porch!
     Sunday we went to church but only for the first two hours. Sacrament was great and then we taught the lesson in Gospel Principles class about The Final Judgement. We had to leave after that so Elder Shelley could go to church in his new area. We picked him up after and came back to dinner with the Melton's and then back to the apartment so Elder Shelley could pack. Then we went to the office to report numbers. Elder Shelley and I slept on the porch and it was awesome! It was the closest thing to camping I've done in a long time!
     Well this week has been crazy but it's been one of the most fun weeks of my mission. Today is Elder Shelley's last day with us and then he goes to his new area so we are going to have a blast today! I hope y'all have a great week and keep smiling. Life is good.
     ~ Elder Brady
Will Weber and I

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