Monday, June 27, 2016

300 New Investigators?

     Hey everyone this email will be shorter because we have to get going to a Zone Activity but I hope y'all are doing good and had a good week!
     On Monday we went into the office to finish numbers that didn't get sent in Sunday night and then p-day! We went to the stake center and played basketball which is always pretty fun. After dinner we finished furnishing a new senior couple's apartment.
     Tuesday we had district meeting and then lunch. After lunch we went to the office and did some work there and got caught up on some things. We had dinner with the Blaine's and found out Jesse, their son, had given away a Book of Mormon that we had challenged them to give out so that was pretty cool! After dinner we dumped a broken desk and then did a trial run with the new projector we got for the mission.
     Wednesday Elder Rammell had a doctor's appointment up in McLean so we went up there and it took a little while. Afterwards we went to the office until dinner because we didn't have much time anyway and then picked dinner up from a member's house. After dinner we finished putting furniture in the second new senior couple's apartment.
     Thursday we took the pick up to the shop and so we actually got to drive separate, by ourselves. It was a little weird since I've been with someone 24/7 my whole mission but it was nice too. On the way there Elder Rammell got lost so I had to just go to the body shop and then call him to give him directions. For dinner we went on exchanges with the Burke elders because they had two dinners set up and I went with Elder Hardy. He was trained by my trainer, Elder Seely, so we are brothers in missionary lingo.
     Friday we went into the office and found out the pick up was done, that was fast! So we went and picked it up and had our truck back. We spent the afternoon in the office trying to figure out and correct baptism information and it took forever! Tedious is not my forte. We had dinner at the Alplanalp's house, they're super sweet, and I played catch with one of their boys with a football. Whoo hoo! After dinner we went up to Arlington to pick up a desk and a chair and then take it to some sisters. At a stoplight on the way there a bus pulled up next to us and the driver opened his window and started talking to us. The light went green so we both started going slow and held up traffic but he told us he wanted missionaries to come back to his house so it was worth it haha.
     Saturday we helped a non-member family move, they were literally moving from their house to the one next door to them. It was pretty crazy. One of the couches was huge and heavy and a big old pain but we got it down the stairs eventually after a lot of work. It was a townhouse and I swear they have the worst design flaws! Oh well, the family invited us to come back for a BBQ so we are going back the 4th of July. We then had dinner with the Wadsworth's and then tried some potentials but no one answered. Gotta keep pushing on.
     Sunday was good but I was having a hard time staying awake in church. I was soooo tired! I made it though and actually still got some things out of the lessons which was a miracle because I was basically a zombie. We had correlation and then ward council after church, it was probably Bro. Fleming's last time as Ward Mission Leader because he just got called to be a counselor in the Elder's Quorum. Sooo we are probably going to get a new Ward Mission Leader. We went to dinner at the Fleming's and then had a lesson with Tony who was a less-active but from us going over there is now active so that was good, he's a cool guy.
     Well this week was pretty good, as a mission we had a goal for 300 new investigators, which is a ton for our mission! Usually we get just under 120. We did t quite make 300, we got 278 but that is still a ton and is a huge leap for us so it was really good! It was a good week. I hope you all have a great week this week and smile, it'll make someone's day!
     ~ Elder Brady

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