Monday, September 8, 2014

1st Week in the Mission Field

So I flew into D.C. on Wednesday and first time on a plane was awesome! I am pretty sure I looked like a little kid. Trying to look out the window and ending up laughing at nothing. I think I am hooked on flying. Well as we were coming to land my thoughts consisted of this, "Wow.... I have never seen so many roads and so much green at the same time!" It was crazy!

My companion's name is Elder Seely, and he is awesome. This is his first time training so it is fun for the both of us. We work hard but still have fun. Like the other day we had a blow dart war with the two other elders in our apartment. It was an awesome way to just mess around and have some fun before diving back into our studies. Elder Seely is from Mt. Pleasant, Utah, and we have a lot in common so it is easy for us to get along which is super good. Makes it easier to teach together.

Since Thursday we have only taught about six lessons. It seemed like everyone is gone sooo that means a lot of biking and street contacting! Woo! We have two investigators and a family that are super close to baptism which is awesome for me because I have only taught them once ha.

Anyway I like D.C. but the humidity and heat are definitely not my favorite. Just about everything here is different than home. I am trying to learn a little bit of Twi (African Language, Ghana) and Spanish. Sometimes it is really hard to talk to people because of the language barrier, but it is interesting as well. Well that about sums up the whole four days I have been out here. Miss you all.
Elder Brady
Elder Brady with his trainer, Elder Seely
Elder Blanchard (from Rexburg) and Elder Brady

Grandma with Elder Brady

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