Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 2

Hey everyone!
This week was a good week. It was slow up to Wednesday, but Wednesday everything picked up. On Wednesday and Thursday alone we got 5 new investigators!
Wednesday night we were coming out of Wally-World (Wal-Mart) and I saw a man sitting on a bench. We went over and started talking to him and he is golden! He has been in the U.S. for 4 months and is from Ghana. We talked a little about what we do as missionaries and the gospel, but then we taught him the whole first lesson right there! He is amazing, he knows so much about God and Jesus Christ and Prophets. We asked him if he would be baptized after reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true. he said if God tells him that is what is right then he will! He has never met with missionaries before but he is so prepared to hear the gospel. We are planning to meet with him again this week.
Our other investigator that is extremely prepared is Barbara. She is from Ghana as well and in our first lesson with her she had so many questions. They were great questions too! Elder Seely and I are excited to teach her and we have already taught her twice in three days! She is so awesome and ready for the gospel it is amazing.
Elder Seely and I got the opportunity to bless a baby that was only born last week. Her name is Serenity. She is so small and cute and already has hair! ppsshhh mind blown! It was such a great experience. Neither of us had ever done anything like that before so it was a first for both of us.
So far the food we have been fed here is pretty good. Except on Saturday. We went to Grandma's for dinner and she made us FuFu. That, my friends, is something I never want to taste again. the best way to explain it is tasteless, rubbery, playdoh like mashed potatoes. It was just.... ugh. We love Grandma though haha but she be crazy. She said she was going to blow up the church and she always says she won't come to church unless we do this or that. She is an interesting person.
Apparently I have a Boston accent. We were teaching a family last night and the mom told me that. She had me saying all these words and phrases and after I said every one she would throw her hands up and say, "See!!" I don't know if I do or not, but I was not about to argue with her. There are some interesting people here haha the other day we saw a man walking down the street in a t-shirt, boots, and boxers. In the rain! Definitely different than Rexburg, Idaho.
Elder Brady
Potomac River
Elder Seely and Elder Brady dressed up in clothes from Africa
Elder Ekins, Elder Seely, and Elder McInerny

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