Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 3 - "Finding Fest"

Well this week was more of a slow one. We did have a "Finding Fest" last Monday where our whole mission went out for three hours and all we did was find new investigators. The mission as a whole found 227 and Elder Seely and I found 4. After Monday finding people became harder and harder, lessons began to fall through, things starting not working out. So it has been one of those..... "slow" weeks.

My area is the Fort Belvoir C area and it is actually a pretty good area. All we do is bike all day everyday so it's a good thing I like biking! It's so much nicer now that I have my own bike too. Well other than that.... That's  about it for this week. Oh ha I have gained about 10 pounds already! No it's not fat either haha. Well love you all.

Elder Brady
Elder Seely & Elder Brady
P-Day Fun

E. McInerny & E. Seely
Elder McInerny & Elder Seely celebrating their 1 year mark.

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