Monday, March 2, 2015


     Hey ever-body! Hope you had a great week and that everything is going
well. Things here are going pretty good, always doing work. Well
here's my past week, it is a little shortened, but this is what I got
for now.

So Monday we did the regular thing, we went shopping then went and
emailed and played ball.

     On Tuesday we were seeing potential investigators and we were getting
shut down right and left. A little bit after 8:00 p.m we finally found
one that seemed even a little interested. She listened to us teach a
little about the Restoration and she took a pamphlet, plus we got a
return appointment so that was a nice end to the day.

     Wednesday we had a big whole mission meeting about online proselyting.
They talked about how to stay safe and to better proselyte online. We
are getting new iPads and they have new systems so we were being told
about that too. After that we took an elder to the hospital that
needed to get an X-Ray for his wrist, it wasn't broken so that good,
but that took us about 4 hours so that was pretty much our day. We did
get to see one less-active though.

     Thursday we finally got in touch with a potential that we have been
trying to contact since I've been in the area, so we went and talked
to him and it was good. He's a big, bald guy with a beard and a lot of
tattoos...kind of intimidating but he's cool! His name is Dave Gamble. We talked about Joseph Smith and answered some questions he had and
some of them were pretty challenging but we must have done something
right because he invited us back. Later that night we had a lesson
with the Sanchez family about the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet. It
was really good, the spirit was so strong. They are an awesome little
family and its a bummer that they are moving next week, they're really
fun to see.

     We had interviews with President Riggs on Friday. While Elder Schenk
was in with president I was with our Zone Leaders and they asked me
how I want to feel about my mission when I go home. What is a goal
that I have. My answer really got me thinking, not just about what I
want to happen during my mission but during life. I'm going to ask you
all the same question, "How do you want to feel about your life, what is a goal you have?"
Just think about that, and then evaluate what you're doing, and how you
are coming on accomplishing that.
Remember, turn to God in all things!
     ~ Elder Brady

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