Monday, March 9, 2015

Potentials Down

     Hey everyone! Going to jump straight into the email for you. Monday we did the usual shopping then emailing and ball at the stake
center. President Riggs came and played ball with us again so that was
fun. Later that night we tried some potentials and couldn't find any
of them, after that we went to the Bush's house. We were talking about
family search and we actually got onto it and did the "Famous
Relative" search. One person I found I'm related to that I remember is
Steve Young! So that was pretty cool and interesting everyone should
give it a shot and see what comes up.

     On Tuesday Elder Robbins came here on an exchange. We got to go out on
splits with Brother Jacobson. We saw a less-active and her son and
talked to them, she wanted us to give him a blessing but he didn't
want us to so we just talked with them and made sure they were doing
alright. After that we went and saw a lady that Brother Jacobson home
teaches, got to talk to her and she was a really funny lady. It was
pretty sweet.

     Wednesday we had six missionaries at our apartment while we skinnied
one of my ties, I guess it takes that many to get the job done! It was
good bonding time at least.

Elders Grow, Schenk & Brady Making Snow Fort S'mores

     It snowed a lot on Thursday. Dumped so much on us that we were "snowed
in." We couldn't really do anything but try and shovel some cars out
but it snowed all day. We started having some fun and I bellyflopped
then got buried! Have fun even in not so good conditions.

     Friday at lunch we made a little snow fort around a fire-pit area.
Then we started a fire and roasted some marshmallows at 1:00 in the afternoon! I'm pretty sure some people were kind of concerned as to
what was going on.... Spent most of the night trying to find some
potentials and we struck out again. We aren't doing so good in that
part of missionary work at the moment.

     Saturday Elder Schenk and I went with Elder Seely and Elder Robbins to
a different church meeting. The church was called "Christ Crossman
United Methodist Church." The meeting was about the disasters in
Madagascar and it was the Malagasy community so we were the only white
people there. It was....different. That night we had the ward chili
cook-off and we got to be the judges! That was a really fun night, got
to have a lot of chili and got to decide the "winner." It was a good
get- together and we had quite a few non-members come too so that was
good. Got to meet some of the people we didn't know and some friends
of the ward members who we actually might end up teaching! Invite,
always invite!

     Sunday we were at the church from 8:30 in the morning until 4:00 in
the afternoon. We had ward council meeting before church and then ward
correlation with the ward missionaries after. It was long but it was a
good day. By far the warmest and nicest day in a long time so we all
enjoyed that. Hopefully it keeps going like this, nicer weather makes
missionary work just a bit easier to say the least.

Well hope everyone has a great week! 
     ~ Elder Brady

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