Monday, March 23, 2015

Working Working

     Hope everyone had a great week this past week! Mine was pretty good and we had some funny stories, so here you go.
     On Monday we went shopping and then emailed. After that we went to a park with a turf field and we tried to play a little football but not as many people showed up as was thought to be coming, so we went to a different park to play some basketball. The hoops were a little shorter so some of us could dunk. There was some local kids there so we got to play against them a little too, it was nice playing someone else rather than other missionaries for a change.
     Tuesday we had district meetings and that was really good. We talked about how we can achieve out goals as a district and what our plans were as companionships. So all day 
We "cleared" the area. Rambo Style.
Elder Schenk, Elder Brady and Elder Grow

today Elder Schenk, Elder Grow, and I played like we were military guys when we came into our apartment. We would go through it and "clear" it, make sure no one was there. It was pretty fun and just changed things up a little.
     Wednesday we had a training meeting. It was about using the Book of Mormon more in our teaching. In Preach My Gospel it says " The Book of Mormon plus the Holy Ghost is our biggest and best conversion tool." So obviously it is pretty important. We also talked about using the pamphlets we have and using them more and, of coarse, iPad Safety. We are no longer in a trio. After the meeting Elder Grow went to a different area because there was a missionary there in a trio as well, so it is now just Elder Schenk and I in our ward.
     Thursday night we went on splits with Brother Mortensen and because he works for the FBI that's pretty much all we talked about. After we knocked on this one door we were sitting in his van just chatting and pulling up the address to our next person to try when we saw someone in the house we just knocked so we went back and knocked again. This time a woman answered the door and after we told her who we were, but before we could really say much she said that we had scared her and her friend. Her friend was walking down the street and was very upset with us. I guess seeing three guys in a dark van isn't the most comforting thing ever. Oops. They weren't the people we were trying to see anyway so....yeah oops.
     Friday, Elder Schenk had a leadership meeting so we were at the church for awhile. When that finished we got back to work. The whole rest of the day we tried doors no one answered. Not a single door. That was a bummer.
     Saturday was a "not much happened day" too. Nothing worked out for us and only a couple people answered their doors but we never got inside.
     Sunday we went to Ward Council in the morning and then after that we went to see a less-active/part-member family. The husband is the member. When we knocked the wife opened up and was all happy and nice and let us come right in. We talked with her for a bit until her husband came out. They are a really nice couple and both want to come back to church but they are going through some things now that make it difficult. They don't know how much church will help that. Anyways, they are really nice and said we are welcome back anytime. We talked with them until it was time for us to go to church. I decided to wear my glasses to church and I guess that threw some people off. I had at least four people come up and ask if I was a  new elder. It was pretty funny.
     Well love you guys!
     ~ Elder Brady
Wakefield District
Elders Brady, Chan, Barnes, Seely, Schenk, Grow, Robbins

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