Monday, March 30, 2015

Elder & Sister Rothermel's Visit

     Had a pretty good week and I hope you all did as well. I love hearing about your guys' week! So here's how my week went. Monday we went to the mall as a district. We just 
Elder Schenk taking a nap
after playing some catch
walked around and looked at all the stuff we want but can't get because it costs wayyyy too much. Elder Robbins and I always went straight to the hats! It was fun though. Then we went shopping and then to the stake center to email and play basketball like usual. Elder Schenk, Elder Robbins and I tossed the baseball around too. We did our little double play drill and even got another missionary to be a runner so that was fun. We were supposed to have a dinner at a members' home but uhh they forgot and were in Richmond so yeah but it was ok because we did just go shopping. Then we went to see the Bush's but we could only talk with President Bush, Sister Bush was doing some important school work so we weren't able to talk with her.
     Tuesday night we had splits with Brother Monk, and it turned out pretty good. We were able to go see two less-actives, Brother Honesty and Sister Perea. With Brother Honesty we read a couple chapters of the Book of Mormon and talked about them, with Sister Perea we talked with her and her daughter (who is an active member) and just kind of got to know them because they were in the other elders' teaching pool, but now there is only us in the ward so we are still trying to catch up with all their people that they saw.
Eating at a BBQ Restaurant
"Red, Hot and Blue"
     On Thursday the Rothermel's (senior couple in my last area) came up and took Elder Schenk and I out to dinner. It was great and they are awesome! After dinner we went with Brother Ross to go see the Torrico family. This was a family that the other elders were teaching so this is only the second time we have seen them. It didn't work out though because they were all sick and not feeling so hot so we are going to have to wait until next week to see them. After that Elder Schenk and I went to see the Barton's. They are a less-active family that the other elders were seeing so we went to see how they were doing and get to know them better. They are a pretty awesome family and the parents actually just got a calling to be primary teachers so maybe that will get them coming out to church more.
Elder Brady with
Elder & Sister Rothermel

Elder Brady & Elder Schenk

                Friday, during dinner, we got a call from our Zone Leaders. Their car is in the shop and Elder Seely needs to go to the doctor so we went and picked them up and took them to the doctor. Elder Seely and Elder Robbins thought he just had a spider bite that wouldn't go away, but it turned out to be staff infection. Yuck! So after the doctor we went to Wal-Mart to get his prescription and by the time we got that it was time to go home.
     Saturday Morning I went with Elder Seely to Ft. Belvoir. A kid that we taught, his name is Junior, was getting baptized. When we showed up no one was there, we were like ok what's going on. We called Elder Oyler and asked what was up and he said that the night before they had changed the time because of building schedule problems. So instead of getting baptized at 10:00 in the morning like we thought he was getting baptized at 5:00 in the evening and it was even at a different building. So we weren't able to make that but we did go say hi and congratulations to Junior before we left. I was with Elder Seely until dinner doing service so it was just like old times when we were companions.
     At church on Sunday it was the fifth Sunday and we were asked to teach primary, both the junior and senior primary classes. So we taught them about prophets and General Conference and then showed them the church's new video that just came out. It's called "He Lives" and it is really good! I'd encourage everyone to go take a look at it, it's on Anyway, teaching went really well and it was pretty fun. Have a great week this week and a great General Conference! Oh and Happy Easter!! Party popper 
     ~ Elder Brady

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