Monday, April 20, 2015

Good Week

In DC at the Cherry Blossoms Festival

     Hey everybody hope y'all had a good week! If you haven't emailed me, I'd love to hear from ya! Well here's my week. Monday we went shopping and then emailed just a little bit, then it was off to the metro to go into DC! It was the Cherry Blossoms Festival so there was a lot of people there, a lot of people. Most of the missionaries in our mission went too so there was also a lot of missionaries, it was pretty crazy. It was pretty dang hot and sunny and Elder Palmer and I got a little sun but the blossoms were super cool and pretty so it was worth it, we were way tired afterwards though. We saw the Hoffman's and they are a cool part-member family with a daughter we are going to start teaching. Then we went to the Bush's and talked with them and it was awesome like always. Sister Bush and I talked about Kayla doing ballroom in England and she showed me pictures of when they went on vacation there, it was cool.

     After studies on Tuesday we went to the church and helped the Bush's set up to feed our zone, which they do every transfer. It is to say "thank you" to the missionaries but it's always super good so I think they get more thanks. We had splits with 
Elder Brady enjoying
Bro. Eley's train collection
Brother Williams tonight and we saw the Eley's and the Auguste's. Brother Eley is a big train collector and he has two rooms full of trains and then he likes motorcycles, he has six nice motorcycles, it was pretty sweet!
     Wednesday we had District Meeting, it was the first 
one of the new transfer so we set goals for the transfer and talked about how we were going to accomplish them. After District Meeting Elder Palmer and I helped the Office Elders clear out the other Wakefield apartment because they shut that area down. After dinner we had splits with Brother Deskins and it was pretty sweet. All our appointments cancelled earlier in the day so we just saw the people he home teaches and it was really good. Pretty much the whole night we talked about the zombie apocalypse and what our plan for that should be, it was hilarious! He's a cool guy.
Elder Brady and his new companion,
Elder Palmer
     Thursday was a great day! We went tracting and as soon as we got out of the car we saw three people walking so we went and started talking to them. Elder Palmer asked what they thought the purpose of life was and they started freaking out, once they calmed down we figured out that they had just been talking about that! So we taught them rig out of the Book of Mormon what the purpose of life is (Alma 34:32). After we finished they started telling us all the things that had got them there at that spot at that exact time. It was amazing to see that God had guided them and us to be there at that exact moment to talk. We are now teaching two of them. Later that night we also had a pass-off lesson with the AP's and we are now teaching Nathaniel, he is on-date to be baptized on May 27 so we are super excited for him.
     On Friday we went to an investigator's house and it was soooo dirty! It was nastayyy! There was so much stuff everywhere and so much dirt on all the stuff, it was so bad. I felt embarrassed for the guy. After that we had a lesson with two of the three people we met yesterday, Shahin (he is from Turkey and is Muslim) and Kira (She is from Vietnam and doesn't have a religion) it seemed to go pretty well so whoop whoop! After that we went to the church to help set up for the Swap Meet, the Swap Meet is where everyone can bring something they don't need or don't want anymore and people can take whatever they want for free.
Stellar poster we made

     Saturday was the Swap Meet all morning. We had made a little display board, which was freakin' stellar! So we put that up and then we just talked with people and we actually got some cool stuff for ourselves. When the Swap Meet was over we helped load all the stuff that was still there into a truck to be taken to Goodwill. After that we did some weekly planning.
     On Sunday we had Ward Council in the morning and then we came back to the apartment and finished weekly planning. Our investigator, Nathaniel, came to church and seemed to hit it off really well with the young men so that was good. After church we came back to the apartment and finished our studies and then had a drop-off dinner. After dinner we tried to see some potential investigators and some less-actives and set up appointments with them.
     ~ Elder Brady

Enjoying the Cherry Blossoms

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