Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Good Things

     So this week has been pretty good, we had some good things happen that we are excited about and things are going well. I hope everyone else had a good week and I love hearing about it.
     Monday we did our usual routine, we went shopping and then to the stake center to email and play some basketball. After ball we went to the Goodwill and did us some thrift shopping, only way to shop really as a missionary. After dinner we tried some potentials, we didn't find anyone we were looking for but we found this family and they said we could come back! So we are pretty excited about that. Then we went to the Bush's and that was good like usual. They are a pretty cool family plus Sister Bush always gives us little treats like ice cream or pie. Oh there was a tornado watch tonight! That was pretty crazy.
Exchange with Elder Sanders
     On Tuesday we did an exchange, Elder Palmer went to Elder Johnson (our district leader) in Fairfax and Elder Sanders came here with me. It was pretty sweet Elder Sanders and I came out together so we did some catching up and the even cooler part is he is from Idaho Falls, so just down the road back home. We had dinner at the Portillo's and it was really good. We had papusas, mmmm they are soo good! The family is awesome too, they are hilarious. Brother Portillo always joked about how disobedient he is but he isn't, he's in the high council so yeah. After dinner ALL of our appointments fell through so that kind of really sucked, but no worries we figured out things to do.
     Wednesday we had District Meeting so Elder Sanders and Elder Palmer switched back. Our District Meeting was pretty good, we talked about bettering ourselves and setting goals to push both ourselves and our companionships. We caught a squirrel, but when we got back for the evening he had chewed through the little pet carrier we put him in; he was loose in our apartment! We started our nerve-racking sweep of our apartment and eventually found him, that's when fun began! When we finally caught him we took him outside and he stuck his tail in the air and waved goodbye.
     Thursday was our Zone Conference and it was actually President Riggs last Zone Conference for our zone before he is done with his mission and goes home. We talked about a lot of things but something I really like is a quote President Riggs used. "We cannot help another become converted beyond our own conversion." We have to constantly be strengthening our testimony and growing ourselves so we can help those around us and those we care about. After dinner we had a lesson with a less-active family, the Ranisate's, we talked with them about hardships and trials and read out of the Doctrine and Covenants with them. After that we had a lesson with the Barton's and we put their 9 year old daughter, Eva, on date! Woot Woot! She is set to be baptized on May 23rd, so we are pretty excited for her. It was a pretty awesome lesson, we had Eva and her sister, Adriana who is 8, teach us the First Vision and it was so good. They are two amazing girls.
     Friday we caught another squirrel! We named him Butterscotch and we had him all day, but we pulled a prank on the AP's and put him in their apartment that night. It as hilarious! Anyway, we made a pretty sweet room in our apartment called the "I'm Ponderin'" room 
Our "I'm Ponderin" Room
during studies just to change things up. We also grabbed a really nice dresser that someone threw away and switched it with ours. Dumpster Diving! Then we did our weekly planning and then dinner with the Thomas' family. They are an older couple, but are way cool and the food was amazing. Then we had a lesson with Jesse and Christopher, Jesse is 9 and Christopher is 8. Their mom was less-active, but is starting to come back to church and really wants them baptized, so we tentatively put them on date for the last week of June!
     Saturday we saw Brother Honesty and read from the Book of Mormon with him, we read quite a few chapters and just had a good time. We talked about his mom a little because she is in the hospital but is doing a lot better now than she was. After that our day went down the drain. No one seemed to be home and we pretty much checked potentials all day but nothing worked out. Definitely a bummer of a day.
     Sunday there was a Regional Conference Broadcast instead of church. It was pretty good, a lot about missionary work and things pertaining to it. After the broadcast we had lunch at the Elijah Bush (he is President Bush's nephew) home and that family is pretty sweet. They have four young boys and they don't slow down. After lunch we tracted their whole street, it took us a solid two hours. Yeah Buddy! We got a couple return appointments and some service out of it though, so it turned out pretty good. After dinner we saw one of our investigators, Nate, and talked with him a bit trying to work out a schedule. The rest of the night we stopped by member families and talked with and shared a message with them. I hope everyone has a great week and thanks for all the support!
     ~ Elder Brady

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