Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

     Happy Easter! Hope everyone had a good one and hope it was a good conference for you as well. It was great, I loved conference, I learned a lot. Well here was my last week. So
Elder Brady at the Washington Memorial
on Monday we emailed and then went shopping. After shopping we drove to the metro and took the metro into DC. In DC we walked around and threw the baseball around on The Mall, we were waiting for our time slot to go to the Holocaust Museum. Anyway we played some catch with the baseball and got some cool pictures in front of the Washington Memorial and then we went to the Holocaust Museum. It was really sad. It is pretty crazy some of the videos they have and you just could feel a cloud of sadness once you got into the building but it was really good. They have a lot of information and it makes you think, makes you think a lot. I couldn't help but think how someone could do something like these people did to other human beings. I mean I've learned about the Holocaust in school, but not in that light. It was still good though, we had a good, fun day in DC and we learned a lot.
Elder Brady doing a backflip!

     On our way to district meeting Tuesday, our Zone Leaders called us and told us that there was an escaped, armed convict running around. We saw 4 helicopters and a lot of police cars on our way to the stake center. It was pretty crazy and President Riggs even told us not to do any tracting for the day. Fortunately the guy was caught later that night, but it was still pretty crazy. We went to Eric Honesty's place and read some chapters of the Book of Mormon with him. He really seems to enjoy that so we are going to keep doing that with him.
     Wednesday morning we went with the Zone Leaders to get their car and take it to get fixed so that took up most of our morning. Later that day we had splits with Brother Williams and we got to see about 5 people so that was really good! We even gave a blessing to one of the ladies we stopped by and then when we were getting dropped off, Brother Williams asked if we could give him a blessing so we did. It was awesome!
     Thursday we did some service, we raked leaves for Sister Robertson. Sister Robertson lives alone and is working and going back to school so we decided to help her out. It was a gorgeous day so it was pretty nice to do service, raking leaves and breaking down boxes to recycle. She had a lot of boxes.
     Friday we did some more service, we went with Brother McDonald to rake Sister Rosentrauch's yard. It was rainy and really, really humid and muddy so it wasn't as good as the day before but oh well we still enjoyed doing the service. After that we went to the baptism of one of the little girls in our ward, Sophie Lamb, who just turned 8 and was baptized and confirmed so that was really good! Her siblings, all of them younger, did a musical number and it was so funny and cute. They each had parts of the song to sing and when one sang a part that wasn't theirs the one who's part it was got mad at them. They were pretty funny.
     Saturday was conference! It was so good and so was the Priesthood Session. I don't even know what to say, it was just really good.
     Sunday was conference as well! It was really, really good also. Today we watched it at the Bush's home. We were there for both sessions and then they fed us dinner afterwards, so we spent a lot of time at their house. Some of their family was there and between sessions we helped hide some eggs and the younger kids had an Easter egg hunt. They had a blast and Sister Bush even gave me her nice camera and let me take some pictures! It was pretty awesome!

     ~ Elder Brady
Ball on the Mall

Elders Seely, Robbins, Schenk and Brady

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