Monday, April 13, 2015


     This past week was pretty good and I hope everyone else has had a great week! Something really quick before I get going about my week. Lately we have been showing a lot of members, and even non-members, the video "He Lives." This video is amazing and I love it! If you haven't seen it I strongly encourage you to see it. It is on so everyone go take a look! Alrighty now here was my week.
     Monday we went shopping and then it was to the stake center to email and play some basketball. Always a good time. Bishop McConkie took us out to dinner so while we ate we got to talk with him about the ward and the work within the ward. We talked with him about our investigators and then he asked us to see some people in the ward that he felt we should see, so that was really cool. Then we went to the Bush's and talked with them about conference and their own missionary work. They are awesome.
     Tuesday we had Zone Training. I think my favorite part was when Elder Jones and Elder Blanchard (who is from Rexburg as well and we know each other, halla!) talked about the power and authority of our callings as missionaries. They did great and it was cool to see the actual depth that it pertains to be a missionary and a disciple of Jesus Christ. After that we walked to our dinner at the Youngblood's home. We got there a little early and Brother Youngblood wasn't there so we had to stay outside. Sister Youngblood told us we could sit on the back porch so we went around back and we saw a trampoline! So we jumped on it. The jumping turned to us just sitting and talking on it, but it was fun. After dinner Brother Dan Johnson picked us up from the Youngblood's for our exchange.
Saying Goodbye to Elder Schenk
    Wednesday, Elder Schenk was packing for most of the day today, he is getting transferred. It's a bummer, but it's part of the mission. I'm going to miss that kid. Elder Schenk went to Annandale on an exchange and Elder Barnes came here. We went on splits with Brother Altmiller and just had a tough time of it. No one was opening their door.
     Transfer Thursday. We went to the Centreville stake center for transfer meeting and I am staying in Wakefield. My new companion's name is Elder Palmer and he is from Gilbert, Arizona. Well we came back to our area just in time for dinner, which we had at the Staton's home. After dinner we tried a couple of potential investigators, but nobody was home or they just weren't opening their door, anyway, no dice.
     On Friday we did some service first off. We cleaned out this older gentleman's attic and there was some crazy-old stuff up there. Most of the boxes and
Goodbye for now to Sister & Elder Rothermel
Elder Palmer & Elder Brady
bags were so old that when we would grab them they would just fall apart, practically disintegrate in our hands. It was pretty nuts. Another crazy thing we found out was that the guy's mother had hid money in some of the boxes and bags and things up there, $48,000 to be exact. After we had lunch we did some weekly planning that took till dinner. After dinner we saw the Jacob Johnson family to introduce Elder Palmer and after that we did some good ole' tracting and finding. We have one promising contact so we will see what happens.
     Saturday we did some more service, we got to finish raking Sister Robertson's leaves. After we had finished we saw that there was a little park behind her house, and well we couldn't resist. After that we had dinner at the Dan Johnson home. The weather was nice so we got some grilled hot dogs, yeah buddy! After dinner we tried some more finding, but we didn't have any luck.
     Sunday morning we had ward council, afterwards we went back to our apartment and decided to take a little nap. I couldn't really fall asleep so I did a little study time. Church was really good, it was the Easter Program so there was a lot of singing but it was great. During the third hour we taught the Priest's Quorum a section from Preach My Gospel and that went really well and was pretty fun. After church we had missionary correlation and then dinner. After dinner we saw some more member families to introduce Elder Palmer and leave a short message with them. It was great to feel the spirit that they have in their homes. Well that was my week, I hope everyone has a good week and I love hearing from you guys!
     ~ Elder Brady

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